What We Do


The Primal Blueprint is about helping you discover how amazingly simple and fun lifelong wellness can be. We provide a complete diet, exercise, and lifestyle philosophy with various products, services, and community support to help you enjoy effortless weight loss, vibrant health and boundless energy. The Primal Blueprint is based on lifestyle principles that have governed human health, evolution and peak performance for over two million years, and supported by respected research in the fields of epigenetics and evolutionary biology. The Primal Blueprint principles challenge many elements of Conventional Wisdom that are deeply flawed, and are making people fat, sick and burnt out - even well-meaning fitness enthusiasts who are trying to do the right thing.

We offer a progressive, free-thinking, grass roots movement that has become a true community. Besides the numerous products, services and events you see on this site, MarksDailyApple.com has hundreds of thousands of active followers who enjoy free daily health articles, a weekly newsletter, and a thriving forum.

Primal Blueprint Founder Mark Sisson has spent the last several decades on a quest for health, wellness and the truth in a world littered with flawed Conventional Wisdom. The Primal Blueprint offering of multimedia products, educational materials and service, and nutritional supplements supports the theory that health and fitness can be simple and fun, instead of the mainstream approach that involves struggle and suffering.

Mark Sisson founded Primal Nutrition, Inc. nearly 15 years ago, presenting a popular line of direct-order, premium quality nutritional supplements and supporting health education. Sisson’s publishing of the Primal Blueprint book in 2009 kick-started the evolution of the organization to become a full-service diet, exercise, and health education operation. We are committed to providing you with a comprehensive set of tools to help you navigate the hectic modern world in a way that honors your genetic requirements for health.

The Primal Blueprint is about changing lives; it’s about giving you hope if you’ve been discouraged; it’s about making health, even weight loss, effortless and enjoyable. If you’re ready to make a change in your life, please join us! We’d love to be your partner, your coach and your biggest supporter in getting you the life you want.