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What Is PrimalCon?

What Is PrimalCon?

PrimalCon is a total immersion retreat to learn, play, and indulge in healthy living with like-minded Primal enthusiasts from around the globe. The event features exciting outdoor group activities, team challenges, adventure excursions, lavish Primal meals, and expert presenters covering a variety of diet, exercise, and healthy living topics. Our signature events are the PrimalCon Vacation, taking place in a warm weather destination early in the year, and PrimalCon Oxnard, a fall event (5th annual in 2014!) at the Embassy Suites Mandalay Beach Resort an hour North of Los Angeles. We visit other cities too (Check the links at bottom of page for great photo and video coverage of past events).

The PrimalCon Vacation event, with a five-day template, emphasizes vacation and relaxation – enjoying a break from a cold winter, starting the day with workouts on the beach, chatting poolside with prominent authors and ancestral health experts, and exploring exciting new vacation destinations. The traditional PrimalCon events, with a three-day weekend template, offer a lively schedule of presenter lectures and outdoor activities - you'll partake in ultimate Frisbee, the PrimalCon ocean plunge and the famous PrimalCon survivor team challenge. Read More »

PrimalCon is appropriate for all fitness levels, and you can custom-design your experience to focus on the presenters and activities of most interest to you. While you can review the details of our presenter offerings and exciting agendas, PrimalCon offers more than just great food, great presentations, and fun and games.The truly magical element is the gathering of folks from around the globe who share a tremendous passion for living Primally. Amidst all the fun and interaction with fellow Primal enthusiasts, PrimalCon is the perfect opportunity to learn valuable life skills that surpass years of formal education or expensive health/weight loss retreats. « Read Less

What to Expect

Rockstar Panel of Experts

Rockstar Panel of Experts

Get in touch with your unique Primal interests, and custom-design an agenda from our expert lineup. We're not talking about stuffy classroom lectures where you sit around for hours and make up excuses to sneak out and stretch your legs, but action-packed, interactive presentations that will deepen your practice of Primal living and sharpen your fitness and culinary skills. Read More »

We offer a beautiful variety of expert presentations and activities at each PrimalCon. It's safe to say there is no other event where you can learn proper technique for running barefoot, sitting, standing, strength training, hoisting kettlebells, and walking on a tightrope; then turn around and learn how burning ketones can enhance cell repair and delay aging, how to cook and shop Primally, and how real live success stories transformed their health by living Primally.

PrimalCon takes advantage of a presenter free choice format that allows you to customize your daily agenda according to the presenters and topics that most interest you. Get in touch with your unique Primal needs, and enjoy learning from our expert lineup of leading authors, medical experts, alternative health care professionals, scientists, certified trainers, play professors, and one-of-a-kind visionaries hand picked just for you! « Read Less


Meet Your Tribe

Meet Your Tribe

Mingle with fellow Paleosphere superstars over lavish Primal dinners and relaxing Jacuzzi soaks. Laugh with the best and brightest this health-conscious community has to offer. Bust loose and tackle daily fitness challenges that test your mettle and nurture an all-around spirit of playfulness. Read More »

Make the ultimate Primal connection with friendships guaranteed to last a lifetime. « Read Less


Fun For Everyone

Fun For Everyone

PrimalCon will be the most fun you've had since you were a kid! You can satisfy your circus performer urges by learning how to walk on a slackline (at a safe height from the ground of course), or engage with play and movement experts who will help you reawaken the sheer joy of simple, physical movement within natural surroundings. Read More »

We must emphasize that PrimalCon is far from a fitness bootcamp; our agenda is suitable for everyone from the unfit to the superfit. Crossfit types can have their hands full with advanced strength training sessions, while casual enthusiasts can learn the very basics about introducing safe, effective exercises into a daily routine. Our PrimalCon retreats are held in awe-inspiring locations, so the opportunity to breathe fresh air, enjoy open space, and engage with nature is ever-present. « Read Less


Relax and Enjoy

Relax And Enjoy

In our book, a "retreat" is synonymous with relaxation. We don't want you burning out on an overly-busy agenda. You'll have plenty of opportunities to relax, both on your own and with the group. In fact, many of our past PrimalCon guests have shared that "down time" was a highlight of their trip! Read More »

We're talking about taking an ocean plunge, sprinting to the resort Jacuzzi and feasting on red wine and dark chocolate while the sun sets on another epic PrimalCon day. « Read Less


Eat Like Grok

Eat Like Grok

You don't have to ask, "What's in the meatball sauce?" when you attend a PrimalCon event. You can rest assured it's 100% paleo and 200% tasty. Let us cater to your taste buds with colorful and enticing lunch and dinner buffets featuring only freshly cooked, locally grown, premium-quality Primal offerings. Read More »

Enjoy Primal fuel smoothies, delicious braised short ribs and gravy, mouth-watering pecan roasted butternut squash, whipped cauliflower, macadamia nut cashew butter (which disappears quickly so be sure to dip in quick) and an assortment of grass-fed meats. Did we mention the gourmet dark chocolate chips and truffles for dessert? Yeah, we've got those too!

Note: We're describing the traditional PrimalCon events that we cater. At PrimalCon Vacation, the all-inclusive resorts will give you plenty of Primal-approved fare to choose from, and you get to use your Primal skills to forage for the right stuff. « Read Less


Take Control of Your Health

Take Control of Your Health

There are things you can safely put off until tomorrow, but your health is not one of them. Chances are you've already implemented certain aspects of the Primal lifestyle (or you're digging around to find out more), but how about committing to your health and well being 100 percent? Read More »

PrimalCon both jumpstarts and recharges your dedication to your health, with a blend of events that educate, inspire, motivate and invigorate. You will walk—make that run—away with the tools you need to be healthy for life. What are you waiting for? Do something that you truly deserve and join us for our next PrimalCon event! « Read Less


Upcoming Events

PrimalCon is heading to Oxnard, CA in 2015. Stay tuned for dates and ticket information.

Past Events

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History of PrimalCon

PrimalCon originator Mark Sisson is credited with kick-starting the primal/paleo/ancestral health movement with his 2009 bestselling book titled The Primal Blueprint. The Primal way of life is characterized by the challenging of conventional wisdom diet and exercise gospel in favor of principles that respect the genetic legacy of our ancestors. Mark launched the inaugural PrimalCon in 2010 as a way to finally bring together the tight-knit community at his popular MarksDailyApple health web site. Browse through the highlight videos and slide shows of past events to get a true sense of the friendly, fun, educational atmosphere at PrimalCon.

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