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What Is PrimalCon?

What Is PrimalCon Vacation Tulum?

The inaugural PrimalCon Vacation took place from March 1-6, 2014 at the beautiful Dreams Tulum Resort and Spa, an all-inclusive resort on the Mayan Riviera, about an hour away from Cancun, Mexico. This was the first PrimalCon event to have a vacation-style template, where guests and presenters traveled from all over the globe to relax and enjoy the Dreams resort, our schedule of outdoor fitness activities each morning, poolside chats with presenters each afternoon, and evening presentations in the air-conditioned Dreams conference center. Read More »

The group took an all-day excursion to the Mayan village of Coba deep in the rain forest. The adventure featured rappelling into underground caves called “cenotes”, zip-lining through the forest, kayaking, and visiting the magnificent Coba ruins, featuring one of the largest and best-preserved Mayan pyramids (and the only one you are able to actually climb to the top!).

The Dreams Tulum all-inclusive resort featured six fabulous restaurants where our PrimalCon participants foraged successfully for delicious, top quality, and of course Primal-approved meals. While the presenter lineup was strong and the schedule of events quite robust each day, many guests enjoyed extra rest and relaxation - sleeping in, hanging out by the pool, picking and choosing the agenda items to participate in, and enjoying leisurely dinners and evening beverages and festivities (yep, all included!). All told, some amazing momentum was created to build a group of adventurous Primal travelers to convene annually for a warm-weather vacation in the March time frame. Escape the cold winter and come join us in 2015 at PrimalCon Vacation! « Read Less


Past Presenters

Rockstar Panel of Experts

Mark Sisson

Mark is the guest of honor at PrimalCon Vacation Tulum. If you don't already know Mark, he is widely regarded as one of the leading voices in the Ancestral Health Movement, the best-selling author of The Primal Blueprint, and publisher of Mark's Daily Apple, the highest ranked blog in the world in its category with 1.9 million unique visitors each month, has paved the way for hundreds of thousands of Primal enthusiasts to transform their lives and take personal responsibility for their health and well being. Read More »

Mark, who recently turned 60, looks 30 and thinks he's 18 when playing Ultimate, has a BA in Biology from Williams College and is a former world-class endurance athlete, with a 2:18 marathon and a fourth-place finish in the Hawaii Ironman to his credit. Mark operates Primal Blueprint Publishing in Malibu, CA, publishing his own titles as well as work from other authors promoting ancestral health principles. « Read Less


Relax and Enjoy

Angelo dela Cruz

If you could envision a one-man band for health and fitness, Angelo is your guy. An expert in massage, injury rehabilitation, athletic training, natural movement, and strength training, Angelo is a real-life American Ninja warrior! Yes, he’s toe’d the line for the TV show tryouts. Check out his unbelievable Ninja warrior audition tape! (skip to 2:30 to see his phenomenal burpee pushup! FYI this video was shot during a single 2.5-hour workout. Skip to the end to see him collapse in exhaustion after another backflip burpee – hilarious!). Read More »

Angelo is at your service to help you feel strong, energetic and healthy. His VitaMove (energizing gentle movement; a unique mix of tai chi, dynamic stretching and Angelo-ness) sessions have kicked off every morning of every PrimalCon, and Tulum will be the same. Learn more about Angelo. « Read Less


Mike DiLandro

Mike DiLandro

Mike is a living, breathing Primal success story from Mountainside, NJ. He transformed his physique and enjoyed amazing fitness breakthroughs after embracing Primal Blueprint diet and exercise principles in early 2012. His before and after shots reflect a loss of 30 pounds of body fat and the addition of five pounds of lean muscle. Interestingly, Mike was working out harder and longer, in the familiar chronic cardio pattern, to maintain his pre-Primal 205-pound physique than he is today. Read More »

Mike is an outgoing personality who is deeply passionate—compelled really—to introduce Primal living with virtually anyone who will listen! As he enjoyed immediate success (not only weight loss but ceasing statin meds), he got his family members on board. To date, his mother, brother, father and he have combined to lose over 110 pounds. Next, he took his game corporate, inspiring dozens of his colleagues at SES satellite to embrace Primal eating and living with through his monthly newsletter filled with diet, exercise and recipe suggestions, and in-person presentations. Mike's engaging personality and street cred has made him a popular east coast presenter of the Primal Transformation Seminar over the past year. Mike has sold out many events and it's not uncommon for him to receive a standing ovation from an inspired audience at his conclusion. At PrimalCon, Mike discusses his personal Primal journey and particularly the best way to connect with and inspire close friends and loved ones to embrace Primal living, for they are often the most difficult subjects to succeed with! « Read Less


John Durant

John Durant

John Durant is the author of The Paleo Manifesto. He studied evolutionary psychology at Harvard prior to founding Paleo NYC and Barefoot Runners NYC. In 2010 John helped popularize primal living through his feature in the New York Times and hilarious appearance with Stephen Colbert (now gone viral on YouTube) on The Colbert Report. He has spoken at Google and Bloomberg, and has been profiled in the New Yorker. He blogs at Read More »

John discusses the primal/paleo movement's ride to mainstream popularity, particularly his experience in the population center of New York City. John also distinguishes between the media's often cartoonish and distorted portrayal of the movement and the evolutionary fundamentals that frame and validate the movement's diet, exercise, and lifestyle recommendations. He inspires you to help spread the word in your own community and continue to increase the popularity and knowledge of ancestral living practices. « Read Less


Take Control of Your Health

Darryl Edwards

Darryl made his debut at the June 2013 PrimalCon Austin, and it's fair to say PrimalCon – and the city of Austin – will never be the same. This guy has a PhD in play, and brings 100 percent energy, passion and enthusiasm all day! Forget the friendly hellos in the morning and the traditional hugs goodbye after a weekend of bonding at PrimalCon – this guy greets you - or bids farewell – by hoisting you in the air for a quick set of fireman carry deep squats! No, not just the petites, even Strongmans like Brian Tabor! Read More »

Darryl is the author of Paleo Fitness, and founder of Fitness Explorer Training & Nutrition based in London, England. He is the creator of PRIMALity, and world-renowned as an expert teacher and lecturer on the Paleo lifestyle. He's a certified personal trainer and holds numerous certifications including GymJones, CrossFit, Olympic Lifting, MovNat and Kettlebell Strength & Conditioning. Darryl decided to become a movement coach after learning how to become fitter and stronger in his forties than at any period of his life. Darryl's PRIMALity methodology is designed to make activity truly fun, and is particularly appealing to people who may be turned off to exercise. Learn more about Darryl. « Read Less


Ben Greenfield

Ben Greenfield

Ben Greenfield is a highly acclaimed coach, author, speaker, and elite endurance triathlete – a true renaissance man who is on a quest to revolutionize the world of endurance athletic training applying ancestral principles to counter the mainstream approached that is steeped in chronic stress. An Internet community-building guru at, Ben uses a prolific multimedia approach to get the word out with tremendous exuberance and credibility (he performs at the elite age-group level in Ironman triathlons with a healthy, sensible training approach and a low-carb, primal aligned diet). Read More »

Ben has completed his long-awaited book called, Beyond Training: Mastering Endurance, Health & Life and presides over various other business endeavors dedicated to spreading the word, including: an Internet academy for triathlon coaches, a "Superman" mastermind and mentorship program for trainers, and a popular podcast and blog. Ben addresses the crucial topic of recovery from athletic and other forms of life stress – and related matters, including cutting-edge information about overtraining, insufficient recovery, adrenal fatigue and other hazards of hectic modern life and ambitious fitness goals. « Read Less


Meet Your Tribe

Brad Kearns

Brad Kearns is the coordinator of PrimalCon and Managing Editor of Primal Blueprint Publishing. He has worked closely with Mark Sisson since 2008 to publish books and promote the Primal Blueprint movement, including doing a 22-city tour to deliver the Primal Transformation Seminar in 2012. Brad is a former national champion and #3 world-ranked professional triathlete (coached by Mark Sisson!). Prior to joining the Primal team, Brad wrote nine other books on health, fitness, and peak performance for McGraw-Hill and other publishers, and delivered over 100 motivational talks to groups of athletes, corporate employees, and students of all ages. Read More »

Brad conducts a clinic on how to run with proper technique, and also present a lecture on how to stay motivated and balanced for peak performance in all areas of life, including diet, exercise, career goals, and personal goals. Brad details how to effectively balance stress and rest, choose an unwavering positive attitude, and release your attachment to the outcome to ensure that you have an ideal mindset and disposition for success and happiness in all endeavors that you pursue.

Brad guarantees that his running presentation will immediately change the way you run for the rest of your life, and that his peak performance talk will be free from any sort of boredom, cheesy acronyms, browbeating, or other lameness. « Read Less


Keris Marsden and Matt Whitmore

Keris Marsden and Matt Whitmore

The authors of Paleo Primer and proprietors of Fitter London jet across the pond to share some of their magic and broad expertise at PrimalCon! At Fitter London, Matt and Keris deliver a holistic approach to health by combining a vast assortment of weekly expert-guided exercise classes, workshops, and group health transformations involving diet and cooking instruction. Keris is a Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist who embraced Primal/paleo lifestyle principles after suffering from a common female hormonal disorder known as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. Her ability to reclaim her health and vitality has inspired her to help others overcome similar health issues applying Primal/paleo methods. Read More »

Matt has been passionate about physical performance and sports from a young age. A successful rugby league and union player, he has also represented his county in hockey and skiing. With a love for cooking and a healthy appetite, he uses his nutrition knowledge to put together great tasting, healthy meals to compliment his active lifestyle and guide his clients and Fitter London members to do the same.

At PrimalCon, Matt and Keris discuss how to make delicious meals a part of your daily routine, in a fraction of the time you think it might. They also give you numerous suggested short workouts that you can do on busy days when you don't have time to get to the gym or attend your favorite class. « Read Less


Dr. Cate Shanahan

Dr. Cate Shanahan

Dr. Cate is an author, health consultant and board-certified family physician who applies ancestral health principles to her Napa, CA practice.  Her journey into medicine originated from her experience as an elite middle distance runner at Rutgers University, where recurring injuries prevented her from reaching her goal of competing in the Olympic trials 1500 meter race. Inspired to discover the secrets of healing and optimum health, Cate studied biochemistry and genetics at Cornell University, then went on to earn a medical degree at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. Cate practiced on the Hawaiian island of Kauai for ten years, where she studied ethnobotany and became intrigued by her healthiest patient’s culinary habits. This experience caused her to rethink traditional notions of healthy eating and ultimately led to her groundbreaking book, Deep Nutrition. Read More »

Cate made national news recently by bringing healthy eating and lifestyle principles to the Los Angeles Lakers. She advises the team how to eat to maximize performance, recovery and body composition. Star players such as Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard have lauded the performance improvements they have enjoyed by altering their dietary habits with Cate’s guidance. Dr. Cate presents a sensible and practical discussion about her central theme called the Four Pillars of World Cuisine, as well as comment on medical matters relating to living a Primal lifestyle. Learn more about Dr. Cate Shananan. « Read Less


Luke Shananan

Luke Shananan

Luke has written (as author or ghost writer) five books on nutrition, medicine and self-help. As a writing and branding consultant, he helps his clients identify and develop their core message and grow that message into a marketable book. A graduate of the University of Iowa Writers' Workshop, he earned his MFA from the University of Arizona writing program. From first-time writers to NY Times best-selling authors, Luke's clients have learned the powerful benefits of "writing a book backwards"—starting with a fully formed image of a book in your hands, complete with title, cover imagery and description and then sitting down to the computer to begin the final stage of the process: the actual line-by-line writing of the book. Read More »

In Luke's interactive seminar, you learn how to take your vision for a book or simple memoir and make it real. You are introduced to the constantly shifting and often brutal landscape of the publishing world, and how to best navigate toward your goal. And you get a chance to speak one-on-one with Luke about your project, whether a completed manuscript or a general concept just taking form, to better your chances that the next step you take in your journey moves you closer to your publication dreams. Early in the week, you engage for a couple hours of lecture, mini-assignments, and group activities. A few days later, you reconvene with Luke to get some parting words of encouragement and focus to keep the writing momentum going after you return home. « Read Less


Fun For Everyone

Carrie Sisson and Karen Moore

At Dreams Tulum, Carrie and Karen will talk about your dreams and how to realize them every single day! Carrie and Karen have taken their passion for life coaching to the next level by launching a comprehensive coaching business based on the principles of primal living along with their extensive training in spiritual psychology. They conduct group seminars and retreats in Los Angeles and other cities as far away as Sweden. They also offer 1:1 services to help clients reach their dreams for not only health, but happiness, contentment and gratitude in all areas of life. As Carrie says, "Eating and exercising Primally is obviously the first step toward becoming physically healthy, but we inspire people to achieve breakthroughs across the board in body, mind and spirit. Read More »

Carrie has a Master's degree in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica and serves as a group leader at intensive weekend spiritual psychology retreats on a monthly basis. She has participated in retreats in Los Angeles, and as far away as Sweden. Carrie is hard at work on her long-awaited book, Primal Woman, which is due to be published in the fall of 2014. Karen is also a graduate of the University of Santa Monica. She has been doing 1:1 client coaching since 2009, and prior to that owned a holistic health care company. Since transitioning to coaching full-time, Karen has been booked solid helping clients trying to better their lives, their careers, their relationships and their attitudes. Tulum marks her first vacation from her whirlwind journey into the elite coaching ranks in over two years! « Read Less

Alessandra Wall

Alessandra Wall

Alessandra is a licensed clinical psychologist, Life Coach, and Crossfit certified trainer who specializes in addressing the physical, emotional and cognitive challenges people face when trying to make changes in dietary habits, fitness routines, and other life goals. She brings a deep understanding of, and a five-year personal lifestyle commitment, to primal/paleo lifestyle principles in her professional practice. Alessandra is a renaissance woman who blends her clinical expertise with lifestyle & nutritional coaching - through her private practice, Life in Focus, and also as part of the coaching staff at the highly regarded CrossFit Elysium in San Diego. Read More »

Alessandra talks about the emotional connection we have with food and how our thoughts and feelings can either challenge us or allow us to succeed at creating change. She discusses some of the grief and loss issues that people who attempt significant lifestyle alterations commonly face, but rarely address in a healthy manner. Whether addressing emotional eating, lack of motivation, or unhealthy motivations and compulsions, Alessandra provides a framework for understanding how the mind can be a powerful ally, or compromise your progress, depending on how you use it. Although knowledge is power, unfortunately it is not sufficient to create change, so Alessandra gives you some extra tools to make sure all that knowledge gets put to good use! « Read Less


Sample Agenda

Saturday, March 1:

Travel day


  • Informal gathering of PrimalCon guests and presenters at main pool

Sunday, March 2:


  • Outdoor fitness activities with Angelo dela Cruz, Darryl Edwards, Keris Marsden, Matt Whitmore, and Brad Kearns


  • Poolside chats with presenters
  • Afternoon writing seminar with Luke Shanahan – conference room
  • Afternoon lecture with Mike DiLandro – conference room
  • Late afternoon lecture with Dr. Cate Shananan – conference room
  • Before dinner Q&A with Mark Sisson – main theater

Monday, March 3:


  • Excursion to Coba Mayan settlement


  • Poolside chats with presenters

Tuesday, March 4:


  • Outdoor fitness activities with Angelo dela Cruz, Darryl Edwards, Keris Marsden, Matt Whitmore, and Brad Kearns


  • Early afternoon lecture with Brad Kearns - conference room
  • Late afternoon lecture with John Durant - conference room
  • Before dinner lecture with Mark Sisson - main theater

Wednesday, March 5:


  • Outdoor fitness activities with Angelo dela Cruz, Darryl Edwards, Keris Marsden, Matt Whitmore, and Brad Kearns


  • Poolside chats with presenters
  • Early afternoon lecture with Dr. Alessandra Wall - conference room
  • Early afternoon writing seminar part II with Luke Shanahan - conference room
  • Late afternoon lecture with Ben Greenfield - conference room
  • Late afternoon lecture with Carrie Sisson and Karen Moore - conference room

Thursday, March 6:

  • Travel Day: Assemble for AmStar shuttles at Dreams main entrance  

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