The Ultimate Ancestral Health Gathering on Earth!
September 23 - September 27, 2015

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  • Gather with other Primal enthusiasts from around the globe in sunny Southern California
  • Learn from 20 diverse health, fitness and personal growth experts
  • Enjoy our new relaxed four-day format with plenty of chill time
  • Take advantage of our expanded, more diverse agenda—customize according to your preferences and needs!
  • All meals included in ticket! Delicious primal breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets


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Grok lived an active lifestyle with plenty of leisure time and an ever-flowing exchange of ideas with others in the clan. Now you can escape the rat race and live like Grok for a weekend—eat healthfully, enjoy group activities and soak up those Southern California sunrays!


The Ultimate Ancestral Health Gathering on Earth!




Join us at the breathtaking Embassy Suites Mandalay Beach Resort for the 6th annual PrimalCon Oxnard event, Wednesday, September 23rd through Sunday, September 27th, 2015. PrimalCon originated in Oxnard back in 2010, when 33 brave souls ventured to this Southern California beach to form the first-ever live connection of the Mark's Daily Apple community. Since then, PrimalCon has become a centerpiece of the primal/paleo/ancestral health movement, a one-of-a-kind weekend immersion where you can indulge in primal play, connect with like-minded Primal enthusiasts, learn about an assortment of health, fitness and lifestyle topics from some of the world's most interesting and knowledgeable presenters, and enjoy absolutely phenomenal primal meals, snacks and treats each day.

We are expanding the size and diversity of this event for 2015 and virtually taking over the Embassy Suites Mandalay Beach Resort with a participant group size of 200. No more strange looks from regular resort guests when we walk barefoot through the lobby—the Mandalay Beach Resort will be primalized from September 23-27th! Our exceptional PrimalCon discount room block makes this event by far the best value for a Southern California beach vacation. Feel free to extend your stay on either side of the event at PrimalCon discounted rates!


PrimalCon welcomes participants of all fitness, experience and Primal knowledge levels. Really, we make it work for everyone! If you're a hard-core Crossfit Games type, we'll test your mettle with plenty of challenging activities, including the annual Ultimate Frisbee battle royale and the fight to the death (or at least for first-served-in-dinner-line honors) Survivor team challenge. If you are new to Primal living, relatively unfit or injured, don't worry—you will fit right in. Our staff makes a sincere effort to ensure that you receive appropriate guidance and pace yourself carefully throughout the weekend. We also offer extensive pick-and-choose flexibility on the daily agendas, so you can custom design your ideal experience.

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Food and Presentation Agenda

The Oxnard location is something special; you’ll stay in a fabulous oceanfront resort with all the amenities, but spend long, blissful hours in the adjacent Oxnard Beach Park, playing like a kid on the expansive grass fields, sand dunes, and ocean waves. We present a lively, jam-packed agenda of fun, games, education and lavish feasts. However, as we extend our event to a four-day template, we will have more down time to rest up from the enthusiastic beach park activities, enjoy the beach and the fabulous resort pool, and connect casually with fellow guests and presenters. Don't feel pressured to check off every single offering; you'll be exposed to a great variety of presentations, from outdoor physical activities at the beach park to indoor educational presentations in the resort conference center. Make it your perfect, custom-designed PrimalCon experience! Maybe you’ve heard about PrimalCon meals (all-inclusive with your registration), or caught a glimpse of some offerings in a slideshow, but photos don't really do justice to the food experience at PrimalCon. Many guests mention that our meals get them re-inspired and motivated about Primal cooking and eating because of the amazing possibilities that are cooked to life in front of them.

Every morning you can hit the resort's custom-made omelet bar, or our Primal Fuel smoothies at the beach park. At midday, we present a fabulous lunch buffet at the beach park, featuring grass-fed Wagyu hamburgers from Thompson River Ranch, decked out in bacon, guacamole and NotSoFast food truck world-famous roasted banana chips. Evening buffets in the ballroom are centered on assorted meat and vegetable creations—something to please everyone. And if you're not a dark chocolate aficionado already, you will become one when you sample a variety of dark chocolate treats from our awesome sponsors like Eating Evolved/Primal Chocolate and Santa Barbara Chocolate.

Here is a brief overview of what’s in store with the daily agenda:



- Casual social mixer at Embassy Suites ballroom, followed by Primal feast



- Custom omelet bar and breakfast buffet, Mandalay Beach Resort poolside surf room
- Fitness rotations at Oxnard Beach Park: Strength training, running technique instruction, and VitaMoves


- Primal lunch and snacks, Oxnard Beach Park


- Free choice presentations, Oxnard Beach Park
- Katy Bowman keynote address and Q&A, Mandalay Beach Resort ballroom
- Mark Sisson keynote address and Q&A, Mandalay Beach Resort ballroom


- Primal feast, Mandalay Beach Resort ballroom
- Primal evening ocean plunge and Jacuzzi sprint, Mandalay Beach Resort back gate



- Meditation and gratitude exercise with Carrie Sisson and Karen Moore
- VitaMoves gentle movement/warmup/Tai chi session with Angelo dela Cruz and Rafe Kelly
- Custom omelet bar and breakfast buffet, Mandalay Beach Resort poolside surf room
- Survivor Team Challenge and Primal Play rotations


- Primal lunch and snacks, Oxnard Beach Park


- Free choice presentations, Oxnard Beach Park
- Ashley Merryman keynote address and Q&A, Mandalay Beach Resort ballroom


- Primal feast, Mandalay Beach Resort ballroom
- Wine and chocolate reception/Mandalay Beach Resort Jacuzzi takeover



- Meditation and gratitude exercise with Carrie Sisson and Karen Moore
- VitaMoves gentle movement/warmup/Tai chi session with Angelo dela Cruz and Rafe Kelly
- Custom omelet bar and breakfast buffet, Mandalay Beach Resort poolside surf room


- Primal lunch and snacks, Oxnard Beach Park


- Free choice presentations, Oxnard Beach Park and Mandalay Beach Resort conference center
- Ultimate Frisbee battle royale, Oxnard Beach Park


- Primal feast, Mandalay Beach Resort ballroom
- Movie screening and Q&A session



- Meditation and gratitude exercise with Carrie Sisson and Karen Moore
- VitaMove gentle movement/warmup/Tai chi session with Angelo dela Cruz and Rafe Kelly
- Mark Sisson Q&A at Oxnard Beach Park
- Free choice


- Primal Sunday Brunch and closing ceremonies, Mandalay Beach Resort ballroom

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Mark Sisson

Mark is overjoyed to be the guest of honor and watch his staff work hard while he focuses on Saturday afternoon's Ultimate Frisbee matches!

If you don't already know Mark, he is widely regarded as one of the leading voices in the Ancestral Health Movement, the best-selling author of The Primal Blueprint and publisher of Mark's Daily Apple, the highest ranked blog in the world in its category with two million unique visitors each month, has paved the way for hundreds of thousands of Primal enthusiasts to transform their lives and take personal responsibility for their health and well-being.

Mark, who recently turned 60, looks 30 and thinks he's 18 when playing Ultimate, has a BA in Biology from Williams College and is a former world-class endurance athlete with a 2:18 marathon and a fourth-place finish in the Hawaii Ironman to his credit. Mark operates Primal Blueprint Publishing in Malibu, CA, publishing his own titles as well as work from other authors promoting ancestral health principles.



Tracy Barksdale

Tracy is a former schoolteacher who is now deeply committed to changing the world through her passion for Primal-aligned exercise and healthy living. Tracy specializes in introducing safe, fun physical exercise to people who have been defeated by the conventional fitness system. She believes everyone deserves to discover their true nature as playful human beings.

Tracy trains people to move gracefully, efficiently and safely, focusing on practicality and movement quality. Tracy helps organize the Austin Primal Living Group and the Austin Natural Movement Group to help grow a strong ancestral living community. Tracy is FMS level 2 certified and will be available to work one on one with people and provide corrective exercises to improve mobility and stability issues. For more information about FMS, click here.


Katie Bowman

Katy Bowman, M.S.

Katy Bowman is the author of the new smash hit Move Your DNA, and worked with Mark Sisson on their new project, Don't Just Sit There, a multimedia educational program (coming March 2015) designed to combat the destructive effects of excessive stillness in daily life. Katy will present a practical discussion of how movement nourishes your body at the cellular level, just like good food. Her methodology is steeped in the science of biomechanics, but she delivers her message in a fun, lively manner and delivers practical tips and a thorough understanding of why you need to move. Contrary to the many regimented movement theories that prevail in the fitness arena, Katy explains that there is no one perfect way to sit at your desk or even perform physical work, but that variation and adherence to simple alignment principles are all you need to optimize the health and vitality of your highly adaptable and resilient physical structure. Check out her lively and informative blog,, and her popular "KatySays" podcast on iTunes.


Tommy Brice

Tommy Brice, PT, DPT, PES

Tommy ventured from his home in Milwaukee, WI to PrimalCon 2014 and immediately made a worthwhile impact with his one-on-one healing treatments during free time at the beach park. Tommy attained a bachelor's degree in Exercise Physiology and a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Marquette University, where he was a member of the Marquette Men's Basketball team from 2004-2008. His time spent in clinic is focused around the treatment of concussions, manual therapy, sports medicine and orthopedic rehabilitation. Tommy is a certified Performance Enhancement Specialist and has recently been pursuing education in treatment through nutrition in the quest to heal injuries from the inside out.

Tommy will be available in Oxnard as a resource to learn more about therapeutic active recovery and to provide one-on-one treatment for injury assessment and hands-on manual therapy for your aches, pains and problem areas.




Angelo dela Cruz

Angelo dela Cruz

Angelo is back for his tenth consecutive PrimalCon! Envision a one-man band for health and fitness, and Angelo is your guy. An expert in massage, injury rehabilitation, athletic training, natural movement and strength training, Angelo is a real-life American Ninja in the TV show! Check out his unbelievable Ninja warrior audition tape! (skip to 2:30 to see his phenomenal burpee pushup! FYI this video was shot during a single 2.5-hour workout. Skip to the end to see him collapse in exhaustion after his final backflip burpee—hilarious!).

Angelo will start our days with his unique VitaMoves class, a blend of tai chi, yoga, gentle calisthentics and a twist of Angelo. In the meantime, visit and subscribe to the Daily VitaMoves website! Check out an actual VitaMoves session on YouTube! He is also eager to assist you with one-on-one pain and body alignment issues using his gentle and highly effective massage therapy techniques. Angelo is a busy guy and has another commitment on the weekend, but is excited to introduce his associate Rafe Kelly who will pick up where Angelo leaves off and deliver a similar, but distinct, vibe to PrimalCon!


Rafe Kelly

Rafe Kelly

Rafe has been practicing an ancestral lifestyle for 8 years and has been teaching movement for 11. He has expertise in gymnastics, parkour, martial arts, CrossFit and Method Naturelle. In 2009, he co-founded Parkour Visions, the first parkour gym on the West Coast, where he teaches his innovative approach called "Evolve, Move, Play." See him in action, the TreeRunner! Rafe has presented at San Francisco CrossFit, Apex Movement, Tempest Freerunning, Seattle Parkour Summit and Paleo f(x).


Mike D

Mike DiLandro

Mike is a living, breathing Primal success story from Mountainside, NJ. Mike transformed his physique and enjoyed amazing fitness breakthroughs after embracing Primal Blueprint diet and exercise principles in early 2012. His before and after shots reflect a loss of 30 pounds of body fat and an addition of 5 pounds of lean muscle. Interestingly, Mike was working out harder and longer than he is today, exhausting his body with the familiar chronic cardio pattern only to maintain his pre-Primal 205-pound physique. Mike is deeply passionate—compelled really—to introduce Primal living to virtually anyone who will listen! His engaging personality and street cred have made him a popular East Coast presenter of the Primal Transformation Seminar. At PrimalCon, Mike will deliver the 2.5 hour Primal Transformation Seminar in its entirety. This is a great agenda choice for people who are new to the Primal movement, or anyone who wants to get a boost of motivation and inspiration. Mike is particularly adept at guiding you to inspire close friends and loved ones to embrace Primal living, for they are often the most difficult subjects to turn!

Mike was also one of the most prominent beta-testers of the Primal Blueprint Expert Certification and proudly holds the distinction of Certified Expert #1 on the roster! Sign up for his monthly newsletter at PaleoMikeD for diet, exercise and recipe suggestions. PS: Mike makes a mean bulletproof coffee and rumor has it he may be setting up shop in his suite at the resort...



Darryl Edwards

Darryl made his debut at the June 2013 PrimalCon Austin, and it's fair to say PrimalCon—and the city of Austin—will never be the same. This guy has a PhD in play and brings 100 percent energy, passion and enthusiasm all day! Forget the friendly hellos in the morning and the traditional hugs goodbye after a weekend of bonding at PrimalCon; this guy greets you—or bids farewell—by hoisting you in the air for a quick set of fireman carry deep squats! No, not just the petites, even strongmans like Brian Tabor! Darryl also coaxed PrimalCon staffer Gail Kearns—at age 76!—to push her car through the parking lot with her own power. If you have been looking for something new, fresh and fun outside of your usual exercise routine, you will love Darryl's super enthusiastic, high energy, innovative approach.

Darryl is the author of Paleo Fitness and founder of Fitness Explorer Training & Nutrition based in London, England. He is the creator of PRIMALity and world-renowned as an expert teacher and lecturer on the Paleo lifestyle. He's a certified personal trainer and holds numerous certifications including GymJones, CrossFit, Olympic Lifting, MovNat and Kettlebell Strength and Conditioning. Darryl decided to become a movement coach after learning how to become fitter and stronger in his forties than at any other period in his life. Darryl's PRIMALity methodology is designed to make activity truly fun, and is particularly appealing to people who may be turned off by exercise. Learn more about Darryl.


Eric Goodman, DC

Eric Goodman, DC

Eric is the creator of Foundation Training, author of Foundation: Redefine Your Core, Conquer Back Pain, and Move with Confidence and the host of two DVDs. The Foundation Training method was developed to help people grow stronger through integrative exercises that counter the effects our modern lifestyle has on our ability to live powerfully. The philosophies help empower people to see, from an evolutionary perspective, how our bodies have complacently adapted and how to regain the ability to innately heal. His simple program facilitates remarkable strength and quickly improves degenerative movement patterns; in fact, Foundation Training has helped tens of thousands of people control chronic pain. Its widespread application includes Olympic, professional and serious performance athletes.

Eric leads instructor certifications and is working on his second book. He is a dynamic speaker and will reveal a revolutionary new discovery that will help you be more powerful in your own body. Watch his Tedx Talk below. Or, Click here to learn more about Foundation Training.


Brad Kearns

Brad Kearns

Brad Kearns is the coordinator of PrimalCon and Managing Editor of Primal Blueprint Publishing. He has worked closely with Mark Sisson since 2008, publishing books and promoting the Primal Blueprint movement, including a 22-city tour to deliver the Primal Transformation Seminar in 2012. Brad is a former national champion and #3 world-ranked professional triathlete (coached by Mark Sisson!). Prior to joining the Primal team, Brad wrote nine other books on health, fitness and peak performance for McGraw-Hill and other publishers, and delivered over 100 motivational talks to groups of athletes, corporate employees and students of all ages.

Brad will conduct a clinic on how to run with proper technique and also present a lecture on how to stay motivated and balanced for peak performance in all areas of life, including diet, exercise, career goals and personal goals. Brad will detail how to effectively balance stress and rest, choose an unwavering positive attitude and release your attachment to the outcome to ensure that you have an ideal mindset and disposition for success and happiness in all endeavors you pursue.

Brad guarantees that his running presentation will immediately change the way you run for the rest of your life, and that his peak performance talk will be free from any sort of boredom, cheesy acronyms, browbeating or other lameness.


Leslie Klenke

Leslie Klenke

Leslie is the author of Primal Blueprint Publishing's Paleo Girl, a colorfully innovative book that breaks down the 10 Primal Blueprint Laws (and then some) in an entertaining language that teens can actually relate to. Her writing, marketing and design skills displayed with her start-to-finish production of Paleo Girl impressed Primal Blueprint headquarters enough to land her a full-time position in late 2014.

A little known fact about Leslie: she taught water aerobics for three years while she was a full-time student in college. At PrimalCon, this Pisces is getting back in the water to teach a primal-style water aerobics class that is sure to make a splash. So don't forget your swimsuits, and remember to sign up for one of her classes in advance. Space will be limited!

For more information about Leslie, be sure to check out her popular Instagram page or visit


The Lamberts

Adam and Vanessa Lambert

Adam and Vanessa Lambert have been intimately involved in the Primal community for the better part of a decade. As some of Robb Wolf's first privately trained clients, they have literally grown up in the ancestral health world. They are Primal Con and Crossfit games alum and have been hard at work on their newest endeavor Bee The Wellness. Under Bee The Wellness, they have recently launched "Unveil Your Wellness" a coaching app and platform that focuses on Paleo nutrition, exercise and healthy lifestyle patterns. The app is a community based experience that enables you to share your journey with a group of fellow challenge goers. You can tackle it one month at a time, a season at a time or for an entire year! The Lambert's have been hard at work to make this personal coaching experience available to a larger audience and you can check it out here.

At PrimalCon, they will be teaching the fundamentals of weight lifting as well as beginner, intermediate and advanced gymnastics skills. They will also be giving short talks on seasonal wellness and how it plays a role in one's wellness journey!


Dr. Dawn McCrory

Dr. Dawn McCrory and Coach Kimmie Smith

This dynamic duo killed it at PrimalCon Oxnard in 2014 with their popular Yoga Therapy Ball mobility sessions. The assorted PrimalCon fun and games at the beach park over the weekend, as safe and ability scaled as they are, definitely start to add up to a little stiffness and soreness in the later stages of the weekend. Dawn and Kimmie's therapy zone was jam-packed with enthusiasts trying their innovative rehab and mobility techniques.

Dr. Dawn is an expert in the field of physical therapy, movement dysfunctions and fascial fitness. She will present, along with her associate Coach Kimmie, a Yoga Tune Up® therapy ball rolling session. Yoga Tune Up is geared toward releasing the fascial restrictions and adhesions that ultimately lead to injury, pain and reduced mobility. These adhesions are bands of painful rigid tissue that usually form in muscles, tendons and ligaments, and can be caused by chronic tension or tightness, overuse and injuries. Adhesions can block circulation and cause pain, inflammation and limited mobility and can affect overall performance and quality of life.



Ashley Merryman

Ashley Merryman

Ashley joins us for a keynote address as PrimalCon boldly ventures beyond the ancestral health world to cover topics that will greatly complement the efforts of Primal enthusiasts trying to live a happy, healthy, balanced life. In particular, Ashley's presentation will inspire you to rethink misguided conventional wisdom notions about motivation, praise and competition.

You will develop the clarity and resolve to enjoy the process of your peak performance endeavors in your heath and fitness, career goals, parenting, leadership and other aspects of your daily life. Ashley is a New York Times best-selling co-author (with Po Bronson) of Nurture Shock and Top Dog, and a popular keynote speaker for corporations and prestigious academic institutions. Check out her interview with David Lazarus and her co-author Po Bronson.


Ryan O'Malley

Ryan O'Malley

Ryan is evolving from his 2014 PrimalCon role as the "wine guy" to deliver some unique and interesting programming in the Kiersey Temperament Theory. Ryan's interactive seminar will introduce you to mankind's four basic lenses of observable communication and action preferences. You'll discover if you are an Artisan, Guardian, Idealist or Rational Temperament type, and what your likely role would have been in a primitive and primal society. You'll recognize the divergence of philosophic ideas based on your inborn temperament and realize that Nature trumps Nurture more often than not.

Ryan is a sales professional in Southern California and a certified sommelier who has experienced a broad spectrum of ideas, experiences and lifestyles, from being a vegan theology major in college and involved in missionary endeavors overseas, to selling fine and rare wines to multimillionaires! He hopes to inspire you to seek awe, wonder, appreciation of life and the joy of continual learning with an open but unattached mind. He holds two trademarks from the US Patents and Trademarks Office for an original formula for success.



Carrie Sisson and Karen Moore

Carrie Sisson and Karen Moore

Carrie and Karen will once again convene at the beach park for their popular women's chat group as well as their impromptu morning meditation and gratitude sessions that were a big hit and now a central element of the morning agenda! Enjoy this opportunity to engage with others on matters such as how Primal living can help you age gracefully, both in the mind and the body, the many facets of raising a family, how to make a contribution beyond family, as well as many other female health-related topics.

Carrie and Karen have taken their passions for spiritual psychology and life coaching to the next level in 2014 with comprehensive one-on-one coaching services, group retreats, presentations and live webinars. Carrie and Karen are eager to work with individuals or small groups throughout the weekend to help PrimalCon participants experience happiness and gratitude in all areas of life.



Dr. Cate Shanahan

Everyone's favorite Primal doctor and director of the Primal Advantage program will discuss ancestral health principles from a medical perspective. This is your chance to engage in Q&A from a doctor who really gets it. Cate is on the cutting edge of not only ancestral health medicine, but also the role of nutrition on peak performance. She serves as a consultant for Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers and is a board certified family physician based in Napa, CA. Cate recently left her traditional practice to open a clinic focused on weight loss called Napa Valley Fatburn.

Cate's journey into medicine began when she was as an elite middle distance runner at Rutgers University, where recurring injuries prevented her from reaching her goal of competing in the Olympic trials 1500-meter race. Wanting to discover the secrets of healing and optimum health, Cate studied biochemistry and genetics at Cornell University, then went on to earn a medical degree at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. Cate practiced on the Hawaiian island of Kauai for 10 years, where she studied ethnobotany and became intrigued by her healthiest patients' culinary habits.

Cate's Kauai experience caused her to rethink flawed traditional notions regarding healthy eating and ultimately led to her groundbreaking book, Deep Nutrition. At PrimalCon, Dr. Cate will present a sensible and practical discussion on her central theme called the Four Pillars of World Cuisine, as well as comment on medical matters relating to a Primal lifestyle. Learn more about Dr. Cate Shananan or tune into some of her Primal Blueprint podcasts.



Luke Shananan

Luke is Cate's writing partner and a longtime writing coach and college writing teacher. As a writing and branding consultant, he helps clients identify and develop their core message, and then grow that message into a marketable book. At PrimalCon, Luke will help you formulate a plan to tell the unique and powerful story you have deep inside of you, but might not even realize.

Luke's offbeat presentation debuted at Tulum—who knew what to expect on a topic that goes so far outside the typical boundaries of eating, exercise and lifestyle tips? Well, the audience was captivated and fully engaged in his surprisingly interactive presentation, with volunteers offering up fascinating ideas and enjoying the give-and-take dialog within the dynamic group.

A graduate of the University of Iowa Writers' Workshop, Luke earned his MFA from the University of Arizona writing program. From first-time writers to NY Times best-selling authors, Luke's clients have learned the powerful benefits of "writing a book backwards"—starting with a fully formed image of a book in your hands, complete with title, cover imagery and description, and then sitting down to the computer to begin the next of the process: the actual line-by-line writing of the book.

Luke also excels in small group settings where free-spirited brainstorming takes place and visions become action plans. Even if you don't fancy yourself a writer or storyteller, don't miss Luke's inspiring presentations that will help you carry your momentum to write and journal creatively long after you leave PrimalCon.


Brian Tabor

Brian Tabor

Brian displayed his disparate talents of leading strongman workouts such as heavy sandbag lifting (like 150-pound heavy!) and teaching the delicate art of slackline. A veteran of several PrimalCons, Brian is the owner of Strong Made Simple in San Diego, CA, a MovNat Certification Team Instructor and 2010 North American Strongman 175 lb National Champion.

Since moving from the Midwest to San Diego to pursue a Master of Science in Exercise Physiology, he has worked with strength and conditioning programs from the Navy SEALs Tactical Athlete Program, SDSU and UCSD Athletics, and has trained a large variety of weekend warriors and clients. He will be sharing his knowledge and experience with strength and conditioning, natural movement and strongman while teaching you how to lift and carry stones and other outdoor objects. A functional, full-body workout for the caveman/woman in us all!


Alessandra Wall

Alessandra Wall, Ph.D.

Alessandra is a licensed clinical psychologist, Life Coach and Crossfit certified trainer who specializes in addressing the physical, emotional and cognitive challenges people face when trying to make changes in dietary habits, fitness routines and other life goals. Alessandra's first PrimalCon was 2013 Lake Tahoe, where she was a participant. In her post-event email feedback to the staff, she suggested a future presentation on the emotional aspects of pursuing health and fitness goals, and so we hired her to present! She engaged audiences in Tulum and Oxnard 2014 with some interesting tips and insights that are often overlooked when we focus on the mechanics of healthy lifestyle change.

Alessandra will talk about the emotional connection we have with food and how our thoughts and feelings can challenge us, block us or allow us to succeed. She will discuss some of the grief and loss issues that people who attempt significant lifestyle alterations commonly face but rarely address in a healthy manner. Whether addressing emotional eating, lack of motivation or unhealthy motivations and compulsions, Alessandra will provide a framework for understanding how the mind can be a powerful ally or a great detractor, depending on how you use it. Knowledge is power, but it's unfortunately not sufficient to create change, so Alessandra will give you some extra tools to make sure all that knowledge gets put to good use!


Timothy Williams

Timothy Williams

Timothy Williams is a five-time PrimalCon alumni and is also a featured success story in The Primal Blueprint 21-Day Total Body Transformation. Check out his success story on Mark's Daily Apple if you haven't already: Complete Recovery Within a Week.

During Timothy's transition to Primal living, he developed a passion for sledgehammer workouts, which he presents at PrimalCon. Yep, sledgehammer workouts, which you will not be able to resist taking a crack at when you meet Timothy and experience his magnetic smile and positive attitude. Don't worry; the sessions are scaled to assorted ability levels with the emphasis on safety and correct form. Who knew that slamming a sledgehammer and screaming like a banshee (yes, he'll teach proper technique for this too!) could be so fun and make you so fit?


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We have negotiated an outstanding lodging package with a variety of suite options in single, double, triple, quadruple or quintuple occupancy! That's right, you can rally a group of your favorite primal friends, chill in your own suite and enjoy exceptional savings on the weekend package. You will purchase your PrimalCon ticket here on our website, then book your room directly with the resort at their custom PrimalCon online booking web page, or over the telephone by calling the resort at 805-984-2500. You are welcome to extend your stay on either side of our four-night package and still enjoy our exceptional discount rate.

If you would like to attend solo but want to share a room to save on expenses, we will help you find a suitable roommate. Just purchase your PrimalCon ticket and then contact us by email with a description of your particulars/roommate preferences (Early to bed? Early to rise? Social? Quiet? etc.). We will put you in touch with a potential (same-sex assumed) roommate.

Once you have connected with your roommate and are ready to reserve your shared hotel suite, you must book with resort staff by telephone (805-984-2500) so they can coordinate the various payments. We are confident we will succeed in finding you a suitable roommate, but if not we will refund your PrimalCon ticket.

Without further adieu, here are the discounted room rates for the four-night PrimalCon Oxnard at the Embassy Suites Mandalay Beach Resort, Sept 23-27th, 2015. You simply will not find a better value for oceanfront accommodations anywhere up and down the coast of California. The Mandalay Beach Resort is Southern California's best-kept secret!

King Standard view: $156/night
King Mandalay view: $162/night
King Ocean View: $215/night

2 Queens, Mandalay view: $190/night
2 Queens, Ocean view: $215/night
Presidential Suite Ocean View: $656/night

Click here to book your room online now!

*Shopping Cart Requests

When you purchase your ticket(s), you will see an "Order Comments" box on the final checkout page. You must provide the following information:

1. Emergency contact telephone in the USA
2. Any medical conditions or relevant health information we might need
3. Specific diet, fitness, health topics or presenters of major interest
4. T-shirt size (super soft cotton tri-blend, male and female sizing)


  • If you wish to stay on additional nights at the Embassy Suites Mandalay Beach Resort, you can enjoy our exceptional discounted group rate for up to three nights prior, and/or three nights after the event block. Please contact the resort at (805) 984-2500 to discuss rates and reserve your lengthened stay.
  • If you have a spouse/friend (including children) who want to travel and stay with you but participate in PrimalCon meals only, we can accommodate you with a PrimalCon only meal ticket at a cost of $350 for adults and $175 for children 12 and under. Please make your transaction by calling 888-774-6259 and a customer representative will be happy to help you.
  • Past PrimalCon participants enjoy a $100 discount. Type "PRIMALCONALUM" in the "promo code" field during checkout to activate your discount, and note which event(s) you attended in the order notes field. We'll confirm your past participation upon receipt of registration.
  • Couples purchasing two tickets in the same transaction receive a $100 total discount ($50 off each ticket). Just select ticket quantity "2" for the discount to generate automatically.
  • Cancellation policy: If you must cancel your trip, you can specify someone else to take your place at any time prior to the event, or we can offer you a full credit to a future PrimalCon event, or we will assess a 10-percent processing fee on your refund. Inside 30 days of the event, the processing fee is 15 percent. Email or call 888-774-6259 to discuss cancellation.
  • Payment Plan: If budget/timing is a major concern, call us at 888-774-6259 to discuss payment plan options.

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View photos and details here.

For each type of room, the maximum occupancy is five people total. There is no charge for kids under age 18. There is an additional charge of $25/night for each adult after the first two adults in all rooms except the Presidential Suites. Presidential Suites maximum occupancy is five people for the nightly room charge— no extra per-person charges.

King standard suite: Renovated 600-square-foot suite with two full granite bathrooms, bedroom with king-sized bed, living room with queen-sized sofa bed and dining area with refrigerator, microwave and wet bar. Affords either a resort view or no view.

King mandalay view suite: View overlooks Mandalay beach or the pool deck. Renovated 600-square-foot suite with two full granite bathrooms, bedroom with king-sized bed, living room with full-sized sofa bed, and dining area with a refrigerator, microwave and wet bar. Affords a view of the pool or partial ocean view.

King ocean view suite: Spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean. Renovated 600-square-foot suite with two full granite bathrooms, bedroom with king-sized bed, living room with full-sized sofa bed and dining area with a refrigerator, microwave and wet bar. Located on the first or second floor.

King ocean front suite: Direct access to the beach right out your back door. Patio extends onto the beautiful grass lawn and then the beach! Renovated 600-square-foot suite with two full granite bathrooms, bedroom with king-sized bed, living room with queen-sized sofa bed and dining area with a refrigerator, microwave and wet bar.

2 Queen mandalay view suite: Spacious 625-square-foot room with resort views of the beach or pool deck. Includes two full marble bathrooms, bedroom and living room. Each guest suite contains a queen-sized sofa bed in the living room and a dining area with a refrigerator, microwave and wet bar.

2 Queen ocean view suite: Renovated full ocean view with 625-square-foot room. Features full granite bathroom, bedroom and living room. Each guest suite consists of a queen-sized sofa bed in the living room and a dining area with a refrigerator, microwave and wet bar.

Resort view Presidential suite: Renovated 1,600-square-foot room with views of the pool from your master bedroom and living room, complete with two balconies. Master suite includes king-sized bed and oversized bathroom with large whirlpool tub. The second bedroom offers two queen-sized beds and a full bath with a walk-in shower. This spacious suite also includes a powder room, living room and dining area with a refrigerator, microwave and wet bar.

Ocean view Presidential suite: Renovated 1,600-square-foot room with ocean views from your master bedroom and living room, complete with two balconies. Master suite includes king-sized bed and oversized bathroom with large whirlpool tub. The second bedroom offers two queen-sized beds and a full bath with a walk-in shower. This spacious suite also includes a powder room, living room and dining area with a refrigerator, microwave and wet bar.


Oxnard is about 60 minutes north of Los Angeles proper (longer at rush hours), and about 30 minutes south of Santa Barbara on the gold coast of Ventura County. For air travel, Los Angeles International (LAX) and Burbank (BUR) airports are your best choices. Commuter air service is offered from Santa Barbara airport. Residents of the Bay Area/Northern California are recommended to drive (approximately six hours from San Francisco).

The Metrolink train’s Ventura county line will take you quickly from Burbank airport to Oxnard four times per day. If you need transportation from the Oxnard station to the resort, email your arrival time and our staff will attempt to accommodate you. Taxi service is also available. The Roadrunner shuttle offers service from both LAX and BUR to your destination in Oxnard. For carpooling or other ride sharing options, consider posting a message about your travel plans on the PrimalCon Oxnard Facebook page.

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