Damage Control Master Formula
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Damage Control Master Formula

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The Ultimate High-Antioxidant Vitamin-Mineral-Phytonutrient


Living a healthy “evolved” lifestyle in this high-tech modern world isn’t easy. We all try to eat right, exercise appropriately and control stress, but the reality is, this world we’ve created conspires at every turn to make us look and feel old, ill, and weak. We breathe polluted air, we stress about bills, traffic and the economy, we don’t always get enough sleep or exercise, we don’t always eat as we should, and when we do, even the best natural foods are not as abundant in micronutrients as they once were. Some of the most critical nutrients are missing entirely - and it’s only getting worse as the commercialization of food continues to spiral out of control. Living in a thoroughly modern world with hunter-gatherer genes isn't easy. Which is why taking a daily high-potency multi-vitamin-antioxidant supplement is essential.

Damage Control Master Formula works synergistically with the Primal Blueprint eating and exercise strategies to support your immune system, maximize your own natural hormone production and balance, support normal blood sugar levels, lower stress hormone production, support the healthy structure and function of your brain and nerve cells and, most importantly, help combat oxidative damage in every cell of your body. With over 51 top research-proven ingredients in balanced doses no other formula comes close. The Master Formula is the most comprehensive all-in-one nutritional supplement on the planet.

Each container comes with 60 freshly sealed packets containing six capsules each - a 30-day supply (360 total capsules).


Order today and you'll also receive a FREE bottle of Vital Omegas (Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids - 90 Capsules - 30-day supply) each month with you Master Formula order. Vital Omegas provide the highest possible quality source of EPA and DHA essential fatty acids derived from the fleshy parts of deep-water fish, concentrated and refined to the highest levels of purity. The easy-to-swallow soft gelatin capsules contain no contaminants and will not cause stomach upset or repeating. At the recommended dose of 3 capsules per day, you’ll receive 900 mg of EPA and 600 mg of DHA.

Try this premium package today. You have nothing to lose. If you aren't 100% satisfied with the results take advantage of our 30-day money back guarantee policy.

Read on to learn more about this complete, balanced and health-supporting supplement - Damage Control Master Formula.

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Wide Spectrum Nutrient Support for Full Body Coverage

High Potency Multi-Vitamin, Multi-Mineral

The Master Formula is first and foremost a high potency supplemental "vitamin" formula with full-spectrum natural vitamin E, buffered non-acidic vitamin C, high potencies of all B vitamins, as well as major minerals and trace minerals.

Full-Spectrum Antioxidant Coverage

The Master Formula has added generous doses of CoQ10, N-Acetyl Cysteine, Full-Spectrum Tocotrienols, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Resveratrol, Zeaxanthin, Grapeseed Extract, Green Tea Extract, Lutein, Lycopene, Selenium and Zinc.

Comprehensive Immune Support

Research-proven nutrients like Phosphatidyl Serine, Beta Glucan, Arabinogalactan, key antioxidants, and Curcumin are included to help support immune function.

Memory, Cognition, Brain and Nerve Support

Many of the nutrients shown in research to support brain and nerve health, such as Ginkgo Biloba, Phosphatidyl Serine, Vinpocetine, L-Carnitine, Vitamin B-12, and DMAE are in the Master Formula.

Cardiac Support

Some of the nutrients in the Master Formula such as Vitamin E, Vitamin C, CoQ10, Alpha Lipoic Acid, L-Carnitine, and other antioxidants have been shown to support healthy heart and lung function.

Anti-Stress Support

Phosphatidyl Serine, B-12, Resveratrol, L-Carnitine, Quercetin, N-Acetyl Cysteine, and other antioxidants found in the Master Formula may help support your body in it's response to the effects of stress hormones.

Liver Function Support

By providing Milk Thistle, Curcumin, Vitamin E, and Alpha Lipoic Acid, the Master Formula can help nutritionally support this vital organ to perform its 500 different functions.

Bone Support

Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin D, Boron, and Zinc have all been shown to support healthy bone density. All are in the Master Formula.

Joint Support

Manganese, Curcumin, Quercetin, Vitamin C, and several other antioxidants in the Master Formula have been shown in research to nutritionally support healthy muscles, ligaments and other soft tissue.

Vision Support

The Master Formula contains some of the most effective nutrients shown in research to support healthy vision, including Lutein, Zeaxanthin, Resveratrol, Bilberry Extract, Beta Carotene and mixed Carotenoids.

10 Ways You Can Benefit From The Master Formula

Unsurpassed Formula

The Damage Control Master Formula is unsurpassed in providing "full-spectrum" nutrient supplementation. Compare our Supplement Facts panel to any other product. The Master Formula is a complete multi-vitamin-mineral, with added antioxidants, plant extracts and other important phytonutrients. There is no other formula we know of with this number of quality ingredients, in these high amounts, covering as many bases - at this low a price.

Gentle on Your Stomach

The Damage Control Master Formula's easy-to-swallow capsules are gentle on your stomach and present none of the gastric upset that can often accompany harsh tablets or "caplets". The finely powdered contents are naturally buffered (made non-acidic with minerals like magnesium and calcium) to assist with rapid dissolution and ease of absorption in the appropriate areas of your digestive system.

Purest Ingredients

Each of the 51 ingredients in the Damage Control Master Formula is derived from what our research shows to be the most "bioavailable" source. And because we combine only the "active components" of 51 single-nutrient supplements into one formula, we eliminate the coloring agents, waxes and unnecessary fillers that take up so much space in other products.


The 12-capsule-per-day formula is divided into two 6-capsule packets, which may be taken at any time. This means you no longer have to manage multiple bottle "inventories" to achieve high-potency supplementation. Of course, the packets can be conveniently kept in your purse, pocket, glove compartment, desk or travel bag, so you'll always have them handy when you need them.


The nutrients in the Damage Control Master Formula, if purchased separately, could easily cost you between $400 and $450 per month. Think of it as saving over $2400 per year on "state-of-nutrition science" ingredients!


Unfortunately, regular health food store vitamins can sometimes be 2 or 3 YEARS old by the time you purchase them, rendering them far less potent than you would expect or deserve. Most of those vitamins are made in large quantities and warehoused for months or years before being sold to your local health food store, where they sit until you purchase them. For this very reason, the Damage Control Master Formula is not available in stores but is made and shipped laboratory-fresh to your door every 30 days.

Uniformly Blended Formula

Many packeted products consist of a collection of discounted pills from other companies. They might give you a gel cap of Vitamin E, a mineral tablet, a B Complex capsule, a GIANT vitamin C, and a handful of unidentified tablets. If you don't take them all at once, you miss out on any chance of balance. The Damage Control Master Formula is made by blending all ingredients together and then distributing the formula evenly among the 12 capsules. This way, if you decide to take fewer (or more) capsules at any one time, you're still guaranteed that you'll get a fully proportional balanced amount of each ingredient.


There is a large body of research being done by the scientific community on the health-enhancing properties of specific vitamins, antioxidants, phytochemicals and nutraceuticals. Unfortunately, it takes thousands of hours to sort through this research and determine which ingredients are safest and most effective and which are still unproven, unnecessary or just a waste of money. We've done a tremendous amount of research and have used that information to create the ultimate Damage Control Master Formula.

No Ingredient Redundancy

When you buy multiple bottles of different products to achieve high-potencies across the board, you often get the same ingredients recurring in some or all formulas. This can lead to very high levels of some nutrients at the expense of others (as well as adding unnecessarily to the cost). The Master Formula is balanced to account for all of the nutrients in the one formula.

Widest Nutrient Coverage

There's no need to take anything else, because, unless you have very specific health issues you are trying to address, The Damage Control Master Formula will give you complete confidence that you're doing the most possible to obtain balanced scientific doses of the best nutrients that nutritional science has to offer in one formula.

Grab your Damage Control Master Formula today and end vitamin confusion forever. There's no better time to take control of your health.

Damage Control Master Formula Nutrition Facts
Suggested Use:
For best results take 1 packet (6 capsules) with your morning meal and 1 with your afternoon or early evening meal. If preferred, both daily packets (12 capsules) can be taken at the same time with food.


Convenient Auto-ship
Submitted by: Noah Scott
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“I received the supplements right on schedule; the auto-ship is a really neat feature. I wanted to take my health to the next level, and after researching supplementation yours seemed the best around. The primal lifestyle really changed my life for the better, and I wanted to buy some supplements to experiment with as a way to thank Mark and the Primal Blueprint Staff. They seem to have more natural quality than others in the market. They smell like plant or herbs! The process of ordering and receiving them was easy and timely as well.”
Damage Control = Less fuss, less muss!
Submitted by: Jennifer P.
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“I was taking most of the same nutrients before, but with Damage Control Master Formula I end up taking fewer pills and it's cheaper. And MUCH easier to manage since it comes automatically and I don't always have some bottle or other running out!”
Cool Labeling
Submitted by: Max W.
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“ I just trust that they are high quality supplements and the facts on them are clear. Less inflammation, more muscle growth.”
Quality, price, convenience.
Submitted by: Kristen S.
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“Combined with the primal lifestyle, the supplements take me from feeling good to feeling great. I know that I am doing everything humanly possible to optimize my genes and reach my full potential. In addition, I was nursing when I started the supplements, so I feel I have given my son fantastic start to his gene optimizing life!”