The Primal Blueprint Transformation Seminar

The Primal Blueprint Transformation Seminar

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  • Description

The Primal Blueprint Transformation seminar emphasizes the 8 Key Concepts and 5 Action Items detailed in The Primal Blueprint 21-Day Total Body Transformation. These concepts and action items provide a "cut to the chase" practical guide to transition smoothly and quickly into a Primal lifestyle. Major emphasis is placed on dialing in your Primal eating strategy, so you can transition out of a carbohydrate-dependent metabolism into a fat burning beast!

This is a fast-paced, 2 1/2 hour seminar, consisting of a live presentation, entertaining slide show and audience question and answer interaction. Our presenter team schedules seminars at assorted locations across the USA (regularly updated) that are open to the public with tickets available on our website.

We can also arrange private seminars to introduce corporate audiences and other groups to the Primal Blueprint. The template described here can be customized to your group's desired time frame and interests, such as the inclusion of outdoor fitness activities in the event. Call 888-774-6259 or email if you are interested in a private event.

When you finish the Primal Blueprint Transformation seminar, you'll know exactly what to do in order to "get Primal" in the following 21 days, including:

  • Specific instructions for how to shed excess body fat and maintain ideal body composition primarily through diet, by eating Primal foods and ditching the whole grain-based diet promoted by Conventional Wisdom.
  • Understanding the best-to-worst choices in each category of food; how to shop and forage in the modern world!
  • Rejecting chronic exercise patterns in favor of a Primal Blueprint Fitness blend of low-level movement, regular brief, intense strength training sessions, and occasional all-out sprints.
  • Slowing life down to reconnect with your genetic requirements for health, including optimum sleep habits, minimizing the stress of artificial light, digital stimulation, sedentary jobs, and the hectic pace of modern life.

Target Audience: To align with your expectations, please consider the following expanded description of the event. Any questions please email to discuss with a Primal staffer. The seminar is designed to give you a detailed but easy-to-follow introduction to Primal living through the 8 Key Concepts and 5 Action Items. The presentation will include brief discussions of scientific topics supporting the the Key Concepts, overviews of several Primal success stories, resolving the conflict between Primal living and Conventional Wisdom, and details about how to take action to get Primal over the next 21 days, including understanding  the best-to-worst choices in each food category.

If you are unfamiliar or have only casual exposure to the Primal Blueprint, the seminar will get you up to speed quickly and not be intimidating regardless of any lack of advance knowledge. If you are a hard-core enthusiast with a deep understanding of the Primal Blueprint philosophy, you may feel that some or much of the presentation reviews your existing knowledge base. Presenters will make a sincere effort to offer something of value to the entire audience, and you are encouraged to help shape the experience you desire by contributing to the discussion and Q&A content as you wish.

Each participant receives a copy of The Primal Blueprint 21-Day Total Body Transformation, a copy of The Primal Blueprint 90-Day Journal, and other Primal goodies.

Seminar Locations and Times

Portland, OR

Seminar Date: Thursday, January 29, 2015

Time: 6:30pm-9:00pm

Location: VC Crossfit
1715 NW Lovejoy Street, Portland OR 97209
Phone: (503) 841-6047

Featuring: Brad Kearns

Refund policy: $10 fee for early cancellation. $25 fee for no show. We'll refund the balance.

Presenter Bios

Brad Kearns

Brad Kearns developed the Primal Blueprint Transformation seminar with Mark Sisson and did a 22-city seminar tour across the USA in 2011. Brad has worked closely with Mark Sisson since 2008 on The Primal Blueprint, Primal Blueprint 21-Day Total Body Transformation, Primal Blueprint 90-Day Journal, The Primal Connection. Brad oversees the Primal Blueprint Expert Certification Program, and is the coordinator of the PrimalCon retreats as well as a PrimalCon presenter of a running technique clinic and peak performance mindset lecture. Prior to joining the Primal team, Brad wrote nine other books on health, fitness, and peak performance for McGraw-Hill and other publishers. Brad competed on the professional triathlon circuit for nine years, where he won 31 events across the globe. Coached by Mark Sisson, Brad was a 2-time US national champion, world duathlon series champion, and the #3 ranked pro triathlete in the world in 1991. Brad graduated cum laude from UC Santa Barbara in 1985, majoring in Business/Economics and minoring in running injuries and surfing. Long retired from endurance competition, Brad's current offbeat competitive outlets include high jumping and Speed Golf. A 4 handicap, Brad placed 20th in the 2014 World Speed Golf Professional championships, shooting 83 on a championship 18-hole course in 51 minutes. In summer of 2014, Brad high jumped 5'3", which would rank him in the top 20 of the USA Masters 45-49 track and field list. It is believed to be the highest a former professional endurance athlete has ever been off the ground.

Karl Bendy

Karl Bendy, 49, has been in the health and fitness world for roughly 35 years as well as working in the medical field for the last 23 years. Pictured to the left is Karl at 19 competing at 210 lbs., middle photo from 2009 at 265 lbs and photo to the right is a result of his success of going Primal for 7 months, much leaner at 230 lbs.

He was a competitive bodybuilder in his late teens and early 20's but gave up competing because he hated the diet. After bodybuilding, he focused more on strength training and achieved a 410lb bench press, 650lb squat and 605lb deadlift. However, as life progressed his career became more of a focal point. He continued with weight training but not with the intensity of his younger years. Diet also became less of a focal point and he would look for easier/quick food choices. Those choices were usually higher carbs as well as higher fat of the wrong types of fat. Slowly over time he found himself heavier than he wanted to be. Shirts of choice were those that were baggier and could be left un-tucked.

In March 2013 he began his Primal journey with his wife Michele. They weren't looking for a diet, but a lifetstyle that could be sustained for the rest of their lives. He found that answer when discovering Mark's Daily Apple from the recommendation of a friend and began following the Primal Blueprint. He transformed his body and health to that of younger years and when he turns 50 in July, he will be in the best shape of his life simply by following the Primal aspects.

He has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Sports Medicine from the University of Detroit. He had worked in the sports medicine field for several years but his entrepreneurial spirit led him to owning a 12,000 sq. ft. World Gym. After roughly 7 years of gym ownership, he returned to the medical field and opened a pain clinic and eventually co-owned a small hospital. He currently works as a member of the management team for a multi-specialty surgical center. He has tremendous passion for the Primal lifestyle and his real life experiences from his background will provide an eye opening presentation to the audience.

Michelle Bendy

Michele Bendy, 48, was a competitive cheerleader in her younger years and has always been active. Pictured to the left is Michele in 2009 at 44, middle photo at sprint triathlon in 2011 and photo to the right in October 2013 as a result of going Primal with her husband for 7 months as well as their two walking and hiking buddies Archie and Shelby who follow their own Primal raw diet.

When she got into her 40's she began to search for a fitness program that would give her the results she wanted. This would include various workout tapes, running and eventually tried her hand at a sprint triathlon. Triathlon training was long, "chronic cardio" and despite that, didn't provide the results she was looking for. As a person focused on career, owning her own company and raising two boys, diet was also a challenge. She began her Primal journey as well in March when her son went off to serve in the Air Force. She and her husband, as support to their son going through basic military training, committed to eating right and exercising consistently. They focused on strength training of no more than 30 minutes, Tabata sprint workouts and long walks or hikes together with their two golden retrievers.

Although she has lost 10 lbs since going Primal, her biggest obstacle was realizing that the scale is not a very good indicator of progress, which is a pretty common theme for women. Despite not seeing the needle move more on the scale as much as she would've liked, she realized her body composition has made great positive changes with more lean muscle and clothes she hadn't wore in years were once again comfortable.

She has a very outgoing personality and looks forward to sharing her success of going Primal with the audience.

Jennifer Butterfield

Jennifer Butterfield, a Primal Blueprint success story, is the CEO and former Chief Nursing Officer of a multi-specialty surgical facility in Michigan. Pictured to the left is Jennifer in the summer of 2013. To the right is her Primal transformation. She is an RN, BSN, MBA-HA, and CNOR. Her leadership skills have lead to numerous awards for her facility. She is a mentor, coach and developer of talent, instrumental in creating sustainable goals and objectives for her staff, ensuring everyone strives to be their best everyday.

She embraced the Primal Blueprint lifestyle mid 2013, losing over 15 pounds within the first 2 months. A wife and mother of two, she has been able to successfully balance work and life using the 10 Laws established in the Primal Blueprint. Along with her co-worker, Karl, she has converted several of her staff and family members to embrace the Primal Blueprint lifestyle. Friends and family all report having more energy, weight loss, and happiness as side effects of living Primal. Unable to contain her enthusiasm for the Primal lifestyle, she has embarked on a mission to "give back" what she’s learned to her community in order to promote wellness and wellbeing. As a nurse, she desires to prevent the need for traditional medical intervention that is great for treating illness, but falls drastically short in preventing illness in the first place. Join her in making illness prevention a goal for each and every person!

Mike DiLandro

Michael DiLandro, 49, is a living, breathing Primal success story from Mountainside, NJ. He transformed his physique and enjoyed amazing fitness breakthroughs after embracing Primal Blueprint diet and exercise principles in early 2012. Interestingly, Mike was working out harder and longer, in the familiar chronic cardio pattern, before his Primal journey than he is today.

Mike is an outgoing personality who is deeply passionate—compelled really—to introduce Primal living with virtually anyone who will listen! As he enjoyed immediate success (not only weight loss but ceasing statin meds with MD permission), he got his family members on board. To date, his mother, brother, father and he have combined to lose over 110 pounds. Next, he took his game corporate! Mike works for one of the world's leading satellite communications operators, and he has taken his company Primal! He arranged for a private presentation of the Primal Transformation Seminar and catered an all-Primal lunch buffet at the company's Princeton, NJ headquarters in 2012. He writes a frequent newsletter with diet, exercise and recipe suggestions for employees; and generally has spearheaded a renewed appreciation for health and fitness at his forward-thinking company. Literally dozens of his colleagues have gone Primal and enjoyed great results.

Mike is a guy who walks his talk and knows his stuff. If you are looking for guidance and inspiration for Primal living, whether a newcomer or devoted following, Mike's seminar will rock your world. His hobbies are golf, cycling and fitness activities. He has recently become certified to teach group fitness classes.