The Primal Blueprint: Updated and Expanded (Paperback Edition)

The Primal Blueprint: Updated and Expanded (Paperback Edition)

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Being healthy and fit has gone mainstream—millions sweat the calories away on the roads or in health clubs and scrutinize labels and menus trying to do the right thing to control weight, delay aging, and feel healthy, fit, and energetic. And it’s simply not working. Rates of obesity, diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, and cancer continue to climb, and even the most committed fitness enthusiasts often carry 10 or 20 extra pounds of body fat.

In this updated and expanded edition of the 2009 hardcover release from Mark Sisson, publisher and de-facto leader of the burgeoning primal/paleo/evolutionary health movement presents the compelling premise that you can reprogram your genes in the direction of weight loss, health, and longevity by following 10 immutable “Primal” laws validated by two million years of human evolution. The Primal Blueprint will show you how:

  • Weight loss is all about insulin; moderate your production by eliminating sugar and grains (yes, even whole grains) and you will lose the excess body fat you desire without dieting—plus you will improve your energy level, reduce inflammation, and eliminate disease risk.
  • Eating meat, eggs, and a generally high-fat diet not only is healthy but is the key to effortless weight loss, a healthy immune system, and boundless energy.
  • Slowing down your typical cardiovascular workouts, and incorporating brief, intense strength sessions and occasional all-out sprints can produce fitness benefits far superior to workouts that are much longer and more grueling—and can eliminate the risk of burnout.

This 2012 paperback release contains extensive, never-before-published bonus material, including:

  • Incredible full-color, 16-page insert of seven Primal Blueprint reader success stories and their stunning before/after photos
  • Pictorials, detailed descriptions and workout log pages for the Primal Essential Movements and Primal sprint workouts
  • "Hacks" for each of the 10 Primal Blueprint lifestyle laws to promote quick results in body composition, fitness, athletic performance, daily energy levels, and reduce disease risk factors and reliance on medication
  • Solutions to common questions and stumbling blocks - pulled from Primal Blueprint reader submissions
  • Commentary on diets and dieting, including compare/contrast of Primal Blueprint with other popular programs

Purchase your copy of The Primal Blueprint today to learn how to reprogram your genes for effortless weight loss, vibrant health, and boundless energy and also receive a FREE Primal Blueprint Poster, a $14.95 value.


What a difference
Submitted by: Jaynee Higgot
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“The Primal Blueprint made such a huge difference in my life with the regards to how I look at health and exercise now. It makes so much sense!”
Submitted by: Nicole
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“This book changed my life.......period”