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Are you a Primal Enthusiast?

A personal trainer? A gym owner? Have you been wanting...and take your own health—and your clients'—to peak levels? Then it's time to enroll in the Primal Blueprint Expert Certification program.

This is no boring certificate course reminiscent of online traffic school. It's an interactive platform of multimedia educational materials, featuring exclusive videos and digital instruction that dive deeper into the Primal Blueprint philosophy than any other resource on the market.

This is your opportunity to take an active and prominent role in promoting a movement that has inspired hundreds of thousands of people to reclaim their health, sculpt their bodies, and sharpen their minds.*

The Primal Blueprint Expert Certification is the very first, and surely to be the preeminent, ancestral health online certification program (become certified from the comfort of your home!). In order to influence the most people with your hunter-gatherer mojo, we've made accessibility a top priority. When you enroll in the certification, you enjoy unlimited access to an online portal filled with multimedia educational resources along with the online course material and examinations. You can study in the comfort and convenience of your own home at a pace that's suitable for you.

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Is Taking the
Primal Plunge for You?

The Primal Blueprint Expert Certification program is an investment in your future—whether you're studying for personal satisfaction or looking to enhance your skills as a health, fitness, or medical professional. This certification program will answer any questions you may have about living Primally, fill in any gaps in your Primal knowledge, take you deeper into evolutionary-based lifestyle principles than any other training, and elevate your profile in the Primal community as you join our elite group of certified experts.

This material is designed to appeal to anyone who desires a more comprehensive understanding of the Primal Blueprint principles. It's a truly international course accessible online anywhere in the world, and we welcome all sorts of candidates:

TrainersPersonal Trainers
will gain an excellent big-picture perspective regarding the importance of balancing stress and rest and deftly blending frequent low-intensity movement, regular brief, intense strength training sessions, and occasional all-out sprints. While many trainers possess specialized expertise and education credentials on workout modalities such as Crossfit, Spinning, Zumba and other group exercise classes, the Primal Blueprint "Cert" offers a healthy perspective on fitness that is applicable and complementary to these types of specialized workouts.

NutritionistsDietitians, Nutritional Consultants, and Private Chefs
will benefit from an education on nutrition and macronutrients from the ancestral health perspective, particularly as it differs from the low-fat, grain-based principles still touted by conventional wisdom. The course material goes beyond the mechanics of good nutrition to cover mealtime habits, shopping and cooking strategies, and a healthy emotional approach to weight management and maximum enjoyment of fine cuisine.

PhysiciansPhysicians, Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants
and other hands-on medical caregivers who realize that prevention and lifestyle modification are the most effective means of addressing many health complaints and diseases will greatly benefit from this program, since formal medical training covers little to none of the ground covered in the Primal Blueprint Expert Certification.

EnthusiastsIndividual Enthusiasts
who enjoy Primal living can benefit from the knowledge, confidence, and inspiration this rigorous course provides. What's more, who knows where your Primal passions could lead? At Primal Blueprint headquarters and at our live events, our staff has fielded many amazing comments from people who started out as individual adopters, evolved into success stories, and consequently became inspired to share their passion and success with others.

CoachesHealth Educators
who teach students, whether in a university setting or through private courses, will enhance their knowledge and be able to speak confidently on the principles of evolutionary health. Educators will gain a deep understanding of the origin and scientific rationale of the prominent Primal talking points.

TrainersLife Coaches
will obtain practical tools to help clients improve their diets, fine-tune their workouts, and embody a sensible, balanced, "enjoy life" perspective that often gets overlooked when following traditional regimented diet and fitness protocols. The Primal Blueprint is flexible and customizable to the realities of hectic modern life and the personal preferences of clients.

There are no prerequisites beyond having a decent knowledge of the Primal Blueprint philosophy from reading books and Internet content. That said, this is an intensive educational program that's similar to an upper-division level college course in health sciences. So be prepared to get those brain synapses firing!

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Are You Ready to Step Up
to the Next Level?

Perhaps you've already digested the Primal Blueprint and Primal Blueprint 21-Day Total Body Transformation books, and you've gobbled up all the blog posts and resources on, the go-to Primal Blueprint hub. You've definitely built some great momentum out of the gate, but aren't quite "all-in" like you could be. It's time to make the commitment and go as deep as humanly possible into Primal living! When you join this program, you'll form an exciting new network of fellow experts who have stepped up to become certified and empowered leaders of the movement.

The online Cert course is designed around the 8 Key Concepts and 5 Action Items that comprise the Primal Blueprint 21-Day Total Body Transformation book, but covers each of these 13 elements in a much more in-depth, comprehensive manner.

You will learn both the science behind and the practical method of:

Principles 1Reprogramming your genes to direct optimal cellular function based on your food choices, workouts, sleeping habits, and other Primal-aligned lifestyle behaviors.

Principles 2Developing a lean, toned physique and lifelong functional fitness—without the risks associated with chronic exercise, and without the hassle and futility of calorie counting and portion control.

Principles 3Implementing eating patterns that moderate insulin production and enable efficient burning of stored body fat.

Principles 4Eliminating consumption of grains, the centerpiece of the Standard American Diet, as well as other objectionable foods that promote weight gain and chronic health problems.

Principles 5Understanding the truth behind heart disease and cholesterol, and how to quickly minimize or eliminate risk factors with simple, drug-free lifestyle modifications.

Principles 6Exercising for optimal health, effortless long-term weight management*, and broad athletic competency with an intuitive blend of workouts honoring the three Primal Blueprint Fitness laws (Move Frequently at a Slow Pace, Lift Heavy Things, and Sprint Once in a While).

Principles 7Mentoring a pantry purge and a restocking with Primal foods, including how to implement winning strategies for shopping, meal planning, dining out, and snacking.

Principles 8Understanding the "best-to-worst" spectrum of choices for meat, fish, fowl, eggs, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds, fats and oils, moderation foods such as dairy, and sensible indulgences.

Principles 9Taking the time to enjoy simple pleasures such as "slow food" over industrialized food; sensible instead of chronic exercise; and focused work habits instead of multitasking.

Principles 10Nurturing live, interpersonal relationships over superficial social media "friendships;" enjoying calm, relaxing evenings instead of introducing excessive artificial light and digital stimulation; and leaving plenty of time for play, sun exposure, rest, and relaxation.

Fitness Professionals
Fitness professionals will enjoy a special section
in each module that provides guidance for implementing Primal principles in a coach/client relationship.

Learn Exactly How to Generate
the Proven Results of Primal Living*


"I now look and feel incredible. No one recognizes me anymore and they all ask me the same question, how did you do it? My answer is simple. I tell them that there is no magic pill, that it's just good old fashioned diet using the Primal Blueprint, and exercise."


"One thing lead to another, and...I stumbled upon Mark's Daily Apple. My life was changed forever. Immediately my moods were better. My skin cleared up. I threw away my Ritalin. The weight kept melting off. I wasn't even exercising! It was amazing.*"

The tide truly is turning, as mainstream diet, health, and medical science is now realizing that a high-fat diet is not only good for you, but is also the best way to lose weight.* A major new study published in the September 2014 edition of the Annals of Internal Medicine and profiled in the New York Times confirmed what the Primal Blueprint has been advocating all along—that healthy fats have metabolic benefits while the excess consumption of process carbohydrates (not just sugar, but also grains—even whole grains) is the main culprit for obesity and elevated disease risk. Mainstream momentum is building with scientifically validated results that a Primal Blueprint-style eating pattern stimulates body fat reduction, reduces inflammation, and reduces heart disease risk factors (lowering triglycerides and elevating HDL cholesterol).*


"I was led to Mark's Daily Apple...and I was off and running. In April of 2013, I weighed 314 pounds. I was wearing a size 24 pant, and a 26/28 top. I only shopped at Lane Bryant or online plus sized stores. I was far from confident and happy... Today, I weighed in at 210."


"After clicking link after link, I stumbled here...Mark's Daily Apple...I couldn't get enough...I wanted to experience everything I was reading and feel the amazing changes everyone already described after making the big leap! Finally, I read The Primal Blueprint and it changed my life.*"

Researchers pitted a low-carb, high-fat group of dieters against a low-fat group of dieters. Results showed that people who ate fewer carbs and higher fat, even the oft-maligned saturated fat, lost on average eight pounds more of body weight, and showed dramatic reductions in body fat and improvements in lean muscle mass...and that's all without making any exercise modifications! Low-carb, high-fat eating also improved metabolic markers—lowered inflammation and triglycerides and higher health-boosting HDL cholesterol.*

And what do you think the low-fat group ate? The Primal no-nos—grains, cereals, and starches! And they suffered the consequences...

Obviously many skeptics remain, since conventional wisdom is often in direct conflict with Primal Blueprint principles. However, results speak for themselves. People with lifelong weight control issues, people resigned to the belief that they have "bad genes," and people taking ill-advised Rx medications for decades have quickly and dramatically shed pounds, shed meds, and reclaimed their health by going Primal. Tens of thousands of people have lost weight and regained health for life using Primal principles, and many of them have shared their dramatic success stories and images with us.* And while careful evaluation of scientific evidence is important, nothing rivals real-life total body transformation when it comes to rejecting flawed beliefs and considering a fresh, new approach. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words...


"My close friend Ryan suggested I read a book by the name of The Primal Blueprint...After diving head first into the book I adopted a paleo way of eating. I found it to be very easy...September 2012 and I was down 100lbs. 100 lbs in 9 months!*"


"I don't remember exactly how I found Mark's Daily Apple...somewhere deep down the internet rabbit hole a link lead me here and the information I found here truly changed my life."

Here's What to Expect

When you register for the certification, you will receive login instructions to a password-access portal with the online course as well as an assortment of educational materials, including digital books, audio books and instructional videos. The educational materials are yours to download or access online any time.

You have unlimited access to the educational materials with no deadlines.

checkboxThe online course is separated into 13 modules—one for each Key Concept and Action Item (see FAQs below for more information). Each module consists of a detailed video overview of the Key Concept or Action Item from Mark Sisson, followed by extensive reading material. After watching the video and reading the text, you will take an online examination ranging from 20-45 questions, a mix of true/false and multiple choice. Passing each examination requires a score of 75% correct or better, at which point you proceed to the next module.

checkboxIf you score below 75% on any module, you can review the material and then take a second exam made up of different, but similar in design, questions. If you score below 75% on the second exam, you will be asked to submit a brief written assignment relating to the questions that you missed on your second exam. Your written work will be evaluated by our staff, and you will interact with us one-on-one when necessary, so that we can ensure you are comfortable with the material and grant you a passing grade.

checkboxYou can proceed with your reading, viewing, and test taking at your own pace, logging into the course at any time and picking up at the digital bookmark you set when you exited the course on your previous visit.

checkboxAfter you have completed all 13 modules and passed all 13 exams like the Primal genius you are, you will have graduated the course! Congratulations are due, so we'll ship you a Certified Expert completion kit consisting of an assortment of goodies (including one-of-a-kind Certified Expert apparel and promo items) to celebrate your achievement.

checkboxYou'll be featured as a Primal Blueprint Certified Expert on our website directory and availed the use of the Certified Expert logo and approved educational materials for your own marketing purposes.

Get Certified

Fast FAQs

Registration process/Payments/Discounts

Do you have a payment plan available? Expand »

Yes. We offer a convenient payment plan. You can now gain instant access to the program for just $1 down. Your course registration will then be divided into 12 equal monthly payments of $89 to make things easier on your budget. Call us at 888-774-6259 if you have any questions. « Collapse

Do you offer any discounts? Expand »

Yes. Contact us by email or telephone (888-774-6259 or 310-317-4414 internationally) to discuss how to qualify for the following discounts:

Full-time students: We offer a generous discount to full-time students with limited income. Requires proof of your current student status, contact us to discuss.

Multiple registrations in the same household: Discount for additional registrations for family members living in the same household. Verification required. Must be a single registration transaction for all participants and the same shipping address for completion kits (processed by telephone).

Multiple registrations from the same business: Discount for additional registrations for those working in the same gym, clinic or other business. Must be a single registration transaction for all participants and the same shipping address for completion kits (processed by telephone). « Collapse

This course is expensive. How can I be sure I'm getting good value? Expand »

Our company is committed to producing the absolute highest quality products, an ambition that we have to balance with producing affordable products that people will buy. With so much free information available on the Internet these days (where everyone is an expert, eh?), we decided—three years ago now—that the primal/paleo/evolutionary health movement needed a proper certification program for the most passionate enthusiasts. We carefully designed a program that was detailed, scientifically validated, but also easy to understand for non-scientific types. We believe this course represents the best opportunity to become an expert in our realm of diet, exercise, and healthy living, and a fantastic opportunity to invest in yourself, your health, and your future.

Mark Sisson spent a lot of effort carefully conveying his thoughts on this matter in the "Message from Mark" section below. To those with budget concerns, we have special considerations mentioned in another FAQ with discounts for certain qualified individuals and multiple registrations, and extended payment plans. While we cannot bear to turn any potential student away who is interested and willing to make the commitment to the program, but part of that commitment is a financial investment from the student. This shows you're serious and perhaps in some cases willing to make sacrifices elsewhere in your disposable income behavior. We encourage you to contact us directly to discuss your budget concerns. « Collapse

If I'm on the payment plan, will I receive my completion kit before paying in full? Expand »

Once you have completed the course, and have paid six months' worth of payments, your kit will be sent to you. If you finish the course before you've made six months' worth of payments and would like to receive your kit sooner, contact our customer service team to make the additional payments to have your kit sent out. « Collapse

Participants/Target Audience

Any prerequisites necessary to participate? Expand »

No. However, we suggest that you have a decent knowledge of the Primal Blueprint philosophy from reading books and Internet content. « Collapse

Can I take the course outside of the USA? Expand »

Absolutely! We've had tons of Australians register, folks all over Europe, and even Pakistan, Mexico, South Africa, Brazil and Hong Kong represented in our student roster. Everything is online for your access anywhere on the globe (well, anywhere with an Internet connection!), and we'll even ship your graduation kit of goodies internationally. The cert program is perfect for folks living abroad who might not be able to pop into a PrimalCon weekend, a Paleo f(x), Ancestral Health Symposium, or other grand USA event very easily.

We are happy to ship your completion kit internationally at no extra charge to you, but we do limit the number of books to one each of the 21-Day Total Body Transformation and the 90-day Journal. Extra books (up to 3) are free for graduates but you must pay a small shipping surcharge for extra books, depending your shipment destination. « Collapse

What kind of person/professional is this course suitable for? Expand »

We'll give you a real world example—our very first certified expert, Mike DiLandro of New Jersey. After losing 25 pounds upon going Primal, Mike then inspired his parents to lose a total of 80 pounds by transitioning to a Primal-style eating pattern. He also writes an informative monthly newsletter on an assortment of Primal-related topics (including recipes, success stories, and book reviews), and has built a great following of friends and co-workers.

Through Mike's intensive study and implementation of the Primal Blueprint way of life, he became confident and skilled enough to present the Primal Blueprint Transformation Seminar to live audiences across the East Coast, and also to join the presenter staff at PrimalCon—efforts which earn him a nice residual income outside of his main career. « Collapse


How difficult/extensive is the online examination? Expand »

This course material is on a par with an upper-division college course in the health sciences. The text content is around 134,000 words—the approximate length of a 400-page book. The material is presented in a simple, straightforward manner so it's easy to understand by the most non-technical reader.

The 13 exams are comprised of a mix of multiple choice and true/false questions. The length of the exams vary according to the amount of content in the module, and range from 20 to 45 questions. The total amount of questions on all 13 modules is around 400. The exams have been carefully scrutinized by an elite team of beta-testers to ensure fairness and relevance to the written course material. « Collapse

How do the online course and exams work? Expand »

When you enroll in the certification, you will receive login instructions to access the course material online. When you reach the welcome screen, you will see a table of contents with all 13 modules listed. Each module corresponds to one of the eight Key Concepts and five Action Items detailed in the Primal Blueprint 21-Day Total Body Transformation book (e.g., Module 8 is titled, "Maximum Results Can Be Achieved in Minimal Time With High Intensity Workouts," the same as Key Concept #8 in the book).

You will proceed through the modules in numerical order, so you will start your course by clicking on Module 1. When you enter each module, you will see a video from Mark Sisson summarizing the content, followed by the text material. You can proceed with your reading, viewing, and test taking at your own pace, logging into and out of the course at any time and picking up at the bookmark you place when you sign off. When you finish watching the video and reading the text of a module, you can click a button to enter the online exam. When you successfully pass the exam, you can proceed to the next module. « Collapse

How do I pass the course? What if I have trouble passing the exams? Expand »

After you complete the video and the text course material for each module, you can take the online exam ranging from 20 to 47 questions, a mix of true/false and multiple choice.

A score of 75 percent correct or better represents a passing grade. Your entire test results will be revealed after you finish, noting the questions that you missed. If you pass, you will simply hit the continue button to proceed to the next Module. If you score below 75 percent correct, you can return to the material for review and then then attempt a second exam comprised of mostly new questions but testing similar concepts and information.

If you score below 75 percent a second time, you will be shown the answers you missed and be asked to complete a written assignment in order to pass the Module. The written assignment consists of identifying the correct answer for each wrong answer you submitted on your second test, along with a sentence or two of explanation about why it's the correct answer. Our staff will review your submission and grant you a passing grade if your submission warrants.

If your short answers are unsatisfactory, we will engage with you by email or telephone to ensure that you have command of the material. This can include requiring you to start over with the difficult Module and proceed with the examination process again. After you submit a short answer assignment, you can proceed through the course as you await clearance on your written submissions. You simply complete the short answer assignment, then click the "Continue The Course" button to enter the next Module. Through this one, two, or multi-step process, we will ensure that you have full command of the material in each Module.

In summary, if you are willing to invest the time and energy in the course, we are extremely confident that you will pass, even if it requires re-reading materials and re-taking tests. If you struggle on the exams, our staff is here to help you with one-on-one support to ensure that your experience is positive. « Collapse

How long do you estimate the online course will take to complete? Expand »

There is a lot of material to cover in the course and the exams are rigorous. Naturally, we've received disparate reports from students regarding their completion times. It's conceivable that a real all-star could breeze through the material, succeed on the tests and be done with the course work in less than 26 hours. A more deliberate student or one who is less informed and comfortable with primal principles starting the course could easily exceed 60 hours all told by the time the final test is passed. We've already seen some students rush a bit too quickly through exams, receive a below-passing grade, and have to engage in back and forth short answer with our staff in order to advance through the Modules.

We also want to remind you that the Primal Blueprint Expert Certification is not only the online course with exams, but a complete program with a robust library of multimedia educational materials for you to enjoy. On the multimedia educational materials download portal, we have 15 hours of audio books, 4 hours of video presentations, and five more pdf books to read! These hours of content is not even counting the 13-module online course and examination material. Take your time and enjoy the course! There is no rush to pass in haste and potentially compromise your educational enjoyment. « Collapse

What if I have problems or challenges regarding course material or questions that I missed or misunderstood? Expand »

We eagerly await feedback on any problems you encounter with the course material and examinations. If you object to a question as unfair, misleading, ambiguous, or misaligned with the text, please copy and paste the question into an email and talk to us! We are constantly editing and perfecting the course material and test questions to ensure fairness and an overall educational experience of the highest quality. While Mark Sisson, his educational advisors, and the Primal Blueprint staff have made the best effort to create an outstanding course, we are always open to suggestions for improvement and refinement. Our editorial team would be surprised if you found a typo anywhere in this course, but appreciative of your eagle eye at the same time! « Collapse

What if I think I already know everything about the Primal Blueprint? Can't I just take the test and get certified? Wouldn't the course be rehashing what I already know? Expand »

We designed the course material to appeal to a broad audience of candidates, from the extremely well-informed and well-educated Primal enthusiast to someone who has good basic exposure and wants to go deeper. As the course material is structured according to the 8 Key Concepts and 5 Action Items of the Primal Blueprint 21 Day Total Body Transformation, you will naturally see some rehashing of the material contained in the book. However, the course material definitely picks up where the book left off!

With each module, the course material is approximately four times more detailed than the information found in the book. For example, for Key Concept #2, "The Clues to Optimal Gene Expression are Found in Evolution," the course material details the fascinating timeline of human evolution, starting with the first appearance of Homo sapiens in East Africa and chronicling our eventual migration to all corners of the globe. While this information is more than you need to know to achieve a 21 day transformation as directed by the book, it provides an excellent perspective on the journey our ancestors took to populate the globe, and the hardships they faced along the way that helped shaped the human genome. Furthermore, beyond the reading material in each module are numerous links to further reading, both from and a variety of Internet resources.

Obviously, the coursework and examinations will be more difficult for some than others. If you have an excellent level of general knowledge, it's possible that you could pass a test cold, or with just a cursory review of the course text. However, our staff took great care in creating examination questions that ensure you really study the course material and understand the reasoning behind the facts and affirmations that frame the Primal Blueprint philosophy. Back to the question of whether one could potentially bootleg these exams, a shorter way of stating the previous would be, "go ahead, knock yourself out!" « Collapse

What are the 13 Modules covered in the online course? Expand »

Key Concepts

  1. Yes, You Really Can Reprogram Your Genes: Genes are more than fixed heritable traits; they direct cellular function at all times. You signal genes to switch on or off based on your food choices, workouts, sleeping habits, etc.
  2. The Clues to Optimal Gene Expression are Found in Evolution: Our genes expect us to be lean, fit and healthy by modeling the diet, exercise and lifestyle behaviors of our hunter-gatherer ancestors.
  3. Your Body Prefers Burning Fat to Carbohydrate: A carbohydrate-based diet creates a dependency on external sources of energy from regular meals. Ditching grains and sugars will moderate insulin production and enable efficient burning of stored body fat.
  4. 80 Percent of Your Body Composition Success is Determined by How You Eat: Losing fat is not about portion control or strenuous exercise. Your average daily intake of carbohydrates and consequent insulin production is the deciding factor in losing weight and keeping it off.
  5. Grains are Totally Unnecessary: The centerpiece of the Standard American Diet (SAD) offers minimal nutritional value, promote fat storage by raising insulin, and contain anti-nutrients that destroy health. Grains—even vaunted whole grains—are just "cheap, beige glop that quickly convert to sugar."
  6. Saturated Fat and Cholesterol Are Not Your Enemy...: The Conventional Wisdom story about heart disease is only validated when you produce excessive insulin from a SAD diet. Cholesterol is one of the body's most vital molecules. Saturated fat is our preferred fuel. The true heart disease risk factors—oxidation and inflammation—are driven strongly by polyunsaturated fats, simple sugars, excess insulin production and stress.
  7. Exercise is Ineffective for Weight Management*: Exercise offers numerous health benefits, but calories burned are offset by increases in appetite. Insulin defines your physique more than your workout log. Focus on the benefits of comfortably paced everyday movement and aerobic workouts, and avoid chronic workout patterns.
  8. Maximum Fitness Gains Can Be Made In Minimal Time With High-Intensity Training: Regular brief, intense strength training sessions and occasional all-out sprints promote optimal gene expression and broad athletic competency. You enjoy more benefits in a fraction of the time spent doing the chronic exercise advocated by Conventional Wisdom.

Action Items

  1. Eliminate Standard American Diet Foods: Out with the objectionable foods that promote weight gain and chronic health problems.
  2. Shop, Cook, and Dine Primally: Re-stock your pantry and kitchen with Primal foods, and implement winning strategies, for shopping, meal planning, dining out, and snacking.
  3. Make the Healthiest Choices Across the Spectrum: Make the best choices in the categories of meat, fish, fowl, eggs, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds, fats and oils, moderation foods such as dairy, and sensible indulgences.
  4. Exercise Primally – Move, Lift, and Sprint!: Pursue broad athletic competency with an intuitive blend of workouts honoring the three Primal Blueprint Fitness laws (Move Frequently at a Slow Pace, Lift Heavy Things, and Sprint Once in a While).
  5. Slow Life Down: Take the time to enjoy simple pleasures such as "slow food" over industrialized food; balanced instead of chronic exercise; focused work habits instead of multitasking; interpersonal relationships over social media; calm, relaxing evenings instead of excessive artificial light and digital stimulation, and plenty of time for play, sun exposure, rest and relaxation.

« Collapse

Can I see some sample test questions? Expand »

Generally, we would say, "No. Sorry, not 'till you register for the course." But if you have read this far, you can take a look here. As you can see, we are not trying to brutalize you with trivia or trickery, but we also want to make sure you study hard and don't just "mail it in" for an easy A! See what you think...

Sample Test Questions – Multiple Choice

What are some viable alternatives to ingested carbohydrates to address the body's glucose needs?

  1. 1) Gluconeogenesis
  2. 2) Mobilizing stored muscle glycogen
  3. 3) Ketone production
  4. 4) 1 and 3 only
  5. 5) All of the above

Why are elevated triglycerides such a significant heart disease risk factor?

  1. 1) They are chemically altered agents used to preserve shelf life
  2. 2) They suggest chronically elevated insulin
  3. 3) They are not associated with heart disease risk, according to the Framingham Study
  4. 4) They suggest a family predisposition to heart disease
  5. 5) They suggest excess body fat

Which of the following honors the Primal stance on fruit?

  1. 1) Consume in abundance for high nutritional values
  2. 2) Emphasize locally grown, in season fruit
  3. 3) Avoid consuming remote, conventionally grown fruit in the off-season
  4. 4) All of the above
  5. 5) None of the above

What occurs by circadian rhythm soon after it gets dark?

  1. 1) Elevated melatonin
  2. 2) Elevated serotonin and cortisol
  3. 3) Elevated serotonin, reduced cortisol and melatonin
  4. 4) Long term potentiation of memories
  5. 5) None of the above

What is the best way to calculate optimal sun exposure?

  1. 1) Maintain a slight tan year-round
  2. 2) Obtain at least 20 minutes of direct sun exposure each day
  3. 3) Guess how long it might take to get sunburned and stay in the sun for around half that time.
  4. 4) 1 and 2 only
  5. 5) None of the above

Sample Test Questions: True-False

  1. 1) Human life expectancy rose dramatically as soon as civilization eliminated the selection pressures of starvation and predator danger.
  2. 2) Exercising at a moderate pace and eating a low insulin-producing meal can help up-regulate fat-burning genes.
  3. 3) "Saturated" fat means that all potential bonding sites on the carbon atoms of the fatty acid chain are occupied by hydrogen.
  4. 4) Excess insulin production elevates nitric oxide to dangerous levels in the arteries
  5. 5) Whole-food sources of fructose, like fruit, honey, and vegetables can cause as much damage as synthetic sources of fructose such as sodas.
  6. 6) Choose fish imported from Asia because they have less-pollution in their oceans and lakes than North American fish
  7. 7) Blue light from a computer screen burns almost as high as a UVB ray from the sun at noontime.
  8. 8) Negative ions promote fatigue, induce depression, and accelerate the aging process.

« Collapse

Can I see the answers to these test questions? Expand »

No. Have a wonderful day, and see you at the expert certification online portal after you register! « Collapse

Certified Experts

Are you approved for CEU credits with other accreditation bodies? Expand »

The answer is yes, but we would also like to explain that our main intent is to create our own primal/paleo certification body. Here, Primal Blueprint Certified Experts will sit atop their very own mountain without apology or watering down to adhere to some other professional association's guidelines. Hopefully someday our Certified Experts might develop their own programming and apply for Primal Blueprint Certified Expert CEU credits!

We intend to secure CEU certification from assorted organizations who certify fitness professionals and health professionals, provided those organizations respect our position, including the National Academy of Sports Medicine, a popular certification body for personal trainers. Particularly with international students, we are happy to apply on your behalf for CEU credits with certain favored institutions if the certification bodies seem reasonable and respectful of the Primal Blueprint philosophy. We are already doing so in Australia thanks to prompting from students there. We look forward to hearing from students and potential students about which governing bodies are the most valued for CEU accreditation. « Collapse

What public recognition do Certified Experts receive? Expand »

We publish a Certified Expert Directory at where you can build a profile by entering your name, telephone, email, and city, and upload a headshot, as well as enter comments into an optional text field. While health and fitness professionals may enjoy this opportunity to attract new clients, if you are not interested in public recognition or wish to reveal less than the template information, you may opt out or limit what information you share. « Collapse

What are the business opportunities available to Certified Experts? Expand »

When you pass this course, you are granted a license to use the trademarked Primal Blueprint Certified Expert logo on your business cards, advertising, social media, and other promotions such as print flyers for your live events. For liability reasons, we must clarify that we have no official business association with you and are not liable for your business endeavors or health guidance that you dispense to others.

If you are a trainer or otherwise inclined to dispense Primal Blueprint products to others, your passing of the certification course qualifies you for a wholesale account at You'll enjoy great savings on quantity orders of Primal supplements, books, educational products, apparel, and promo items. If you want to purchase Primal Blueprint products for personal use at below wholesale minimum quantities, we offer a generous "friends&family" discount to you as a Certified Expert. « Collapse

What am I allowed to say about my business and the Primal Blueprint without violating trademarks? Expand »

We consider our elite team of certified experts to be part of the Primal Blueprint family. We are eager to engage in a satisfying long-term relationship within the liability constraints of you consisting of an independent entity with whom we have no official business association. Together, we must be mindful of characterizing the Primal Blueprint brand in an appropriate light. For example, you never read "Primal Blueprint diet" in our materials, because we assert that this is not a diet, but a lifestyle. Instead, you might read "Primal Blueprint eating pattern."

You are free to promote your status as a Primal Blueprint Certified Expert and we will happily share logos and artwork for your use. You are free to cite the Primal Blueprint principles and visuals such as the Primal Blueprint Carbohydrate Curve, but these materials must never be altered in any way. Any quotes or content from our books or materials must be attributed. Using brief quotes and statements requires no special permission. If you want to use lengthy excerpts or intellectual property, please ask for permission. « Collapse

If I am working hands-on with clients, do I need to be insured? Do I need to name Primal Blueprint as an additional insured? Expand »

We cannot officially advise you on the legal matter of carrying liability insurance as a health or fitness professional. However, we strongly recommend that you consult with a legal professional and also recommend that you carry liability insurance if you work hands-on with clients. Please be aware that the ideas, concepts, and opinions dispensed by the Primal Blueprint are intended to be used for educational purposes only. We are not rendering medical advice of any kind, nor is our information intended to replace medical advice, nor to diagnose, prescribe, or treat any disease, condition, illness, or injury. We do not require you to name Primal Blueprint as additional insured and furthermore take no responsibility for your endeavors with clients. « Collapse

Are there annual license fees for continued use of the Primal Blueprint brand? Expand »

No. Unlike other certification programs that charge for the course up front and then charge an annual licensing or continued education fee upon completion, the Primal Blueprint Expert Certification only charges a one-time flat rate fee for getting certified, using our brand for professional purposes, and enjoying lifetime access to your course materials. « Collapse

What kind of ongoing support do you offer for certified experts? Expand »

We are always here to assist you with questions about the Primal Blueprint philosophy or challenges you might have with clients or personally. We intend to create ongoing Continuing Education opportunities, both live events and online courses, for Certified Experts to increase their knowledge. « Collapse

I have other questions. What do I do? Expand »

Call us at 888-774-6259 (or 310-317-4414), live chat with on, or email us, and we'll answer any questions you have! « Collapse

Fitness Professionals

What Happens When I Pass the Cert?

This program is designed in the model of other professional certificate courses—to help health, fitness, and medical professionals expand their knowledge base and enhance their offerings to clients. Essentially, you are going to leverage your existing skill set with an offical distinction as a Primal Blueprint Certified Expert.

Get BrandedLeverage The Brand

What's ours is yours. You'll have access to Primal Blueprint Publishing materials to use as teaching tools with your clients. This includes use of the Certified Expert logo on your business promotional materials; use of visuals like the Primal Blueprint Carbohydrate Curve for your presentations or client handouts; and, upon request and approval, more detailed access to and leveraging of our brand and copyrighted materials.

CertifiedBe Listed in Our Certified Expert Directory

If you are a coach, trainer, gym owner, or other professional wishing to enhance your public profile, upon graduating the Cert program and at your request we will publish your name, email contact, city, headshot, and optional text field comments on our Certified Expert Directory at

WholesaleGet Wholesale Pricing On All Primal Blueprint Products

If you are a trainer or otherwise inclined to dispense Primal Blueprint products to others, your passing of the certification course qualifies you for a wholesale account at You'll enjoy great savings on quantity orders of Primal supplements, books, educational products, apparel, and promo items. If you want to purchase Primal Blueprint products for personal use at below wholesale minimum quantities, we offer a generous "friends&family" discount to you as a Certified Expert.

What the Graduates
are Saying!

Mike D.
"The material is well written and entertaining. The examination questions are by no means easy. It's truly a test of whether you have an expert understanding of the Primal Blueprint philosophy."

Mike DiLandro | Certified Expert #1
Satellite sales executive and Primal Transformation Seminar presenter
Mountainside, New Jersey

Chris A.
"The cert was certainly challenging and thought-provoking. But most of all, it was inspiring. I've been deep into the paleo/primal lifestyle for several years, but studying the course material has me excited to make even more changes and tweaks that strengthen my commitment to primal living."

Chris Adams | Certified Expert #2
Firefighter and PrimalCon staff director
Mesa, AZ

Tina L.
"While this certification gives coaches the means to fully explain and back up health recommendations toward living a primal lifestyle, I feel like it equally benefits the average Joe trying to live it himself. With all the (often contradictory) info out there about diet and exercise, I was having a hard time separating what was sensible from what was hype. I constantly found myself second-guessing my decisions to turn away from things that I've been taught most of my life are good for me. The content of this course didn't just tell me the "right" way to be healthy, but rather explained in great detail how and why application of the Primal Blueprint principles to one's life have such a positive impact on health. I'm thankful for such clarification and feel that there's tremendous value in that for everyone, whether they choose to pass the information along as a coach or not."

Tina Leaman | Certified Expert #3
Massage therapist, voice-over specialist, and PrimalCon staff director
Mesa, AZ

Sienna C.
"It's an educational experience comparable to a 5-unit college class, but at a fraction of the tuition price!"

Siena Colombier | Certified Expert #4
Recent college graduate
Santa Monica, CA

Elle R.
"Going primal changed my life and the lives of my family and friends. I am so honored to be part of the first ever certification program in primal/paleo health! This program not only re-inspired my own primal lifestyle choices, but it gave me a very deep understanding of the science behind those choices. Whether you plan on using the primal certification to coach and inspire others, or you just want an in-depth understanding of how your body works - this course is for you!"

Elle Russ | Certified Expert #5
Private executive assistant and health author
Malibu, CA

Leslie K.
"Before writing Paleo Girl, I knew that I wanted to help people make healthy and positive changes in their lives through personal training and life coaching. I searched high and low for guidance and just kept hitting dead ends with job postings like "gym trainer" (aka membership sales) or "independent distributor" (aka supplement sales) all based in conventional wisdom that I don't believe in. Then the Primal Blueprint Expert Certification came along! Not only is this program everything I've been looking for, but it's also going to take the Primal/Paleo lifestyle to the next level and expose it to the masses. Up with Primal living - down with conventional wisdom!"

Leslie Klenke | Certified Expert #6
Author of Paleo Girl, Graphic Designer, Entrepreneur
Los Angeles, CA

Get Certified

Check Out the Entire Program!

When you register for the Cert, you'll receive all of the following:


materials13 Modules of Coursework and Examinations

As detailed previously, you can login any time and study at your own pace as you progress to passing all 13 module examinations. And once you've passed, you can return any time to refresh your knowledge. The Cert is comparable in content and application to college level courses that typically cost $2-4k per semester!



Mark Sisson's Primal Blueprint Transformation Seminar Video—Filmed in front of a live audience in Chicago, IL, this popular 2-hour 20-minute seminar features a combination of slide show and audience interaction. Mark covers each of the Key Concepts and Action Items that comprise your expert certification course material and exams. If you are a visual learner, this is a great way to get a jump-start so you are totally prepared for the coursework. And who knows? You may even want to use it to prepare your own Primal Transformation Seminar once you graduate! (Available as a streaming file or to download from the portal.)

Mark Sisson's Primal Blueprint 10 Laws Video—Mark covers each of the 10 laws of the Primal Blueprint in this lively 90-minute production that sets the stage for the entire Primal Blueprint movement and the popularity of evolutionary health in general. (Available as a streaming file or to download from the portal.)

materials3Audio Books

You will receive the following mp3 files for convenient download into your favorite audio player or for streaming any time from your login portal:

  • The Primal Blueprint: Abridged recording (3.5 hours) of the original best-seller, narrated by Mark Sisson himself!
  • The Primal Blueprint 21-Day Total Body Transformation: Unabridged recording of the entire book, 5.5 hours in duration.
  • The Primal Connection: Unabridged recording of the entire book, 6 hours in duration.

materials4Digital Books

Digital copies in pdf format of five popular Primal Blueprint titles:

  • The Primal Blueprint
  • The Primal Blueprint 21-Day Total Body Transformation
  • The Primal Connection
  • The Primal Blueprint Cookbook
  • Primal Blueprint Quick & Easy Meals

You can download these files onto the device of your choice, or access them any time at your online portal.

Certified Expert Completion Kit

Once You Pass The Examinations, We Will Mail You A Kit Consisting Of:

kit1Certified Expert T-shirt
Men's or women's style in your specified size. Fabulous super-soft tri-blend weave.

kit2Certified Expert Card
A plastic card (credit card size) with a custom imprint of your name and C.E. number on the front and quick Primal tips on the back. A great conversation starter on the airplane or subway!

kit3Certified Expert Certificate
Suitable for framing, imprinted with your name and C.E. number, and personally signed by Mark Sisson.

kit4Certified Expert Die-Cut Sticker
This tasteful black and white sticker cut into the logo shape is great for your car window. Jumbo-sized stickers are available for your gym or retail location upon request.

kit5Grok On! Keychain
Magnificent and unique item with a three-dimensional detailed Grok artwork and a double antique brass finish. "In Grok We Trust!"

kit6Grok On! Stainless Steel Drinking Cup
This outstanding product from Klean Kanteen will compel you to permanently switch away from glass! Ice cold beverages have never tasted better.

kit7Primal Blueprint Poster
This 24" x 30" award-winning poster beautifully illustrates the Primal Blueprint principles for all to behold when they visit your office, home, or home gym!

kit8Client Reading Materials
If you work with clients and want to get them cranking with important materials, we will provide up to three copies each of the 21-Day Transformation and the 90-Day Journal in your shipment upon request.

*Additional fees apply to International customers requesting more than one copy of each book upon graduation.

kit9Expert Certification Course Material Manual
You will receive the Primal Blueprint Expert Certification Course Material manual containing the entire written contents of the online course modules. This can be used as a handy resource and reference guide at your fitness facility or just on your bookshelf, when you want to quickly refer to any of the material you learned.

kit10Grok On! Drawstring Backpack
This lightweight backpack comes in handy on the shipping side when we stuff it full of your goodies, and you'll enjoy it for trips to the farmer's market or on short hikes.

kit11Gym Promo Kit
Besides special discount pricing for group registrations, Primal-friendly gyms that certify staff get a nice promo kit to help spread the word and enhance their onsite cool factor! Gyms certifying three or more trainers get a kit consisting of two 8-foot canvas banners, a large size certified expert window decal, two Primal Blueprint posters, and six copies each of The Primal Blueprint 21-Day Total Body Transformation and The Primal Blueprint 90-Day Journal. Furthermore, gyms can earn referral bonuses for getting clients to register for the Cert.

Mark Sission Mission

Are You Ready to Invest in Yourself?

We want to make your Primal journey as easy and stress-free as possible, so we're offering two payment plans. You can either pay in full or take advantage of our $1 down-payment plan. That's just a $1 down and $89/month for 12 months thereafter. Take your pick of either hassle-free payment option.

As soon as you hit one of the red buttons and complete your order, you will receive immediate login instructions via email to access the Expert Certification portal. You can then download your robust library of books, audio books and videos, and start studying the course material right away.

When you pass the 13th module, you will complete your shipment details and we will ship your completion kit promptly. You can also build your profile in the directory and let the world know about the newest Primal Blueprint Certified Expert!

If you have any problems, we are here to help by email, or for immediate help by live chat at or phone 888-774-6259 during the hours of 9am-5pm PST. We will help you pass this course and become a Certified Expert!

I accept the Terms of Service

I accept the Terms of Service
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