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Primal Endurance

Primal Endurance

Product Review (submitted on July 4, 2017):
A few years ago now I stumbled upon a podcast featuring Mark Sisson, I can be pretty sceptical at times but what he had to say struck somewhere deep in the heart of this Primal Beast igniting a long forgotten yet powerful instinct. The guy just made sense so I checked out the blog, did my own research, bought the book Primal Blueprint and gave the primal lifestyle a go.
Now 26kgs (4 stone) lighter-later I'm back taking part in life and competing with guys half my age and doing ok.
Ok...well ok may be acceptable for some but not this forty year old going through a one third life crisis. So just when I'm thinking there has to be a better way to train for a marathon BAAAAM Lightning or should I say Sisson strikes again.

Marks new masterpiece Primal Endurance hit that same spot right in the heart of this Fat Burning Beast. Once again it just makes sense so I'm putting it to the test, so far so good.

If only I knew then what I know now, or even just one of the dozens of coaches I've had over the years had known. Oh well at least FBB Jr will benefit from a different approach.

Yep lightning clearly can strike the same place twice, I guess not all of the things "they" say are true!

Thanks Mark, Brad and all of the Primal team for your life changing hard work.