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Primal Endurance

Primal Endurance

Product Review (submitted on December 26, 2017):
For years I have been riding the fitness wave. I believe I have tried every possible style and protocol out there, but I always suspected that something was not right, something was not clicking. It should not be this difficult and draining to maintain a certain degree of fitness.

My suspicions were more than validated with "Primal Endurance". Let me back up a bit - my suspicions were really validated with "Primal Blueprint", which led me to "Primal Endurance" where it all came together.

It's difficult to describe the relief, calmness, wellness, energy and happiness I feel now, having left ALL the hype behind. I quit my gym membership - that was an unbelievably free and uplifting day - walking back home I had such a great feeling of lightness and speed. I had to stop by the park and run a few sprints - what a great feeling!

Having only been at it a few weeks now I can clearly see and say with resolve that I am a fully committed lifetime student of Primal fitness. If only I would have had this knowledge a long time ago!

Thank you...