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Primal Probiotics

Primal Probiotics

Product Review (submitted on August 19, 2016):
I've been consistently low carb since 2001 and a fan of MDA/PB products for several years. Still, I have IBS w/o relief.

I was down for 2 weeks with antibiotics and general aneth. surgery, which actually gave my IBS a break....because I wasn't eating and was on opiod meds . But as soon as I started back with food, everything kicked back up.

I had been reading about probiotics and was going to try them, but was struggling with the choices out there - and then I remember that Mark had them. Well there's a NO BRAINER!!

I'm getting ready to put my next order in and go on auto ship. My adult son has just finished all his gastro testing where they "can't find anything wrong". I'm going to suggest he try these as well.

Any day of relief is a blessing, but multiple days in a row are awesome!