21-Day Transformation Program DIGITAL PACKAGE
21-Day Transformation Program DIGITAL PACKAGE

All Packages Include 21-Day Book, 21-Day Audiobook, 21-Day App, Quick & Easy Cookbook, Daily Email Inspiration, Shopping List, Primal Blueprint Poster

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21-Day Transformation Program Digital Package


Customer Reviews

  • Still thinking...
    Review by Keeleon 7/29/2017
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    Recipes are awesome. Have not used the rest of the materials, probably didn't need both the book and 21 day plan.
    However, lived the instant access while I waiting for the book to arrive!
  • Cookbook and EBook are incredible!!
    Review by Stevenon 4/4/2017
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    The only tools I have used so far are the cookbook and the ebook. The ebook tells a lot about high-fat diets and building the proper metabolic machinery to burn fat instead of sugar. Lots of great info and the cookbook and shopping list makes things very easy!
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    The material in the package is fantastic. The books are really great reads - well written and very informative. The recipes are creative and sound like they would make excellent meals for those that need a variety in their meals and like to experiment.
    For me, the package was unnecessary; I have been following a Ketogenic lifestyle for almost a year with fantastic results. I have read the Primal Blueprint several times, its my go-to book to read while commuting between home and work. I'm the type of person that can easily eat the same foods every day. I also fast 16-20 hours a day every day, so my only real meal is dinner which I want to be quick and easy. I didn't think the 21 day program would do anything for me because I am a self-starter that has no problem getting to the gym every day - I am trying to cut back but I love my activities too much! I am very motivated to maintain my lifestyle because I love the results and it just works!
    So I gave the package 4 stars because while the content is great, it's just not for me. I think many many people will get great benefits from it though, especially those that are open-minded, and recognize that the traditional is not always the best.
  • Very Informative
    Review by Jessicaon 2/25/2017
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    I am just closing out the end of the 21 day challenge through Vimify. I don't know if I would have tried it had it not been offered with this package. It was well worth it. The poster is laminated and hanging on the fridge, the shopping lists are loaded and easily accessible in my phone and all the other material has been very useful, educational and is printed out for quick reference!
  • Great Read to start a Primal Life style
    Review by Margareton 2/6/2017
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    I ordered this book after doing a low carb/ paleo lifestyle for the past year. The information in this book is very simple and broken down to address dietary changes and lifestyle changes for a primal life style. Most of the low carb/ paleo books discuss food only but Mark did a great job explaining daily movement, sprinting and exercise regimens that mimic our ancestors. I would say this book is excellent for people who are looking to start a paleo/ primal life style. For some one like myself who has been doing paleo for a year, most of the information present I was already knowledgeable about.
  • Excellent product
    Review by Patriciaon 1/22/2017
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    Excellent product. I would recommend for anyone wanting to live the primal lifestyle.
  • Can't wait!
    Review by Karenon 1/14/2017
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    The digital package was nice to have on my phone and other devices, no excuses!
  • Wonderful Resource
    Review by Meganon 10/13/2016
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    I love the 21 day transformation program! It comes complete with recipes, print outs and a shopping list. So helpful for those times when I go to the grocery store and have no idea what to purchase!
  • Love the materials
    Review by Annetteon 9/3/2016
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    This is so much great information and it's a great layout with photographs so it's not boring. Love how Mark lays out the scientific explanations as well as breaking it down into easily understood steps and patterns.
  • Super excited - just starting
    Review by Patrickon 8/21/2016
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    So I've been a yo-yo dieter for my entire life and it's not working. So much of it is in my mind. I've been doing Primal Blueprint for a week now and I'm expectant that this is going to be sustainable. It's not a diet. It's a way of life that is simple and makes total sense. I've cut out carbs, eat proteins and vegetables and cut my sugar intake way back! After a week with the Fitness Pyramid everything seems doable and it's fun. I've enjoyed getting out in the sun and walking for an hour. This morning I sprinted 6 100 yard dashes which has been about 35 years since I've done that. BTW I did lose 5 lbs my first week but I'm not really worried about weight. I'm looking forward to living the rest of my life in a healthy way....my weight will take care of itself.
  • Haven't started yet.
    Review by Debbieon 7/20/2016
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    I've read the materials, it all sounds true, I understand better now why I should eat Primally.
    Now I just need to actually live Primally.

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