21-Day Transformation Program ESSENTIAL PACKAGE
21-Day Transformation Program ESSENTIAL PACKAGE

The VIP of all the transformation packages, the Essentials Package incorporates all the goodies of the Digital and Fuel Packages, and also boosts your transformation goals by adding on three essential supplements: Vital Omegas, Primal Flora and Primal Sun. That's a $250 value!! It's the perfect time to reprogram your genes, reduce excess body fat and direct your health towards longevity!*

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21-Day Transformation Program Essentials Package


Customer Reviews

  • Loving the product!
    Review by WAYNEon 11/18/2017
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    The 21-Day Transformation Program Essential Package has made making my lifestyle change easy to begin.
  • Excellent
    Review by Lindaon 11/9/2017
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    I am amazing at how wonderful the program is. Not only have I️ received the results but I am having an amazing journey. When I️ started the 21 day challenge I️ had no idea how much support was being given to me without me even asking. If you are getting started this is absolutely the way to do it! Thank you for your amazing support!
  • Learned so much!
    Review by Sarahon 11/9/2017
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    Not just a standard weight loss transformation kit. Provides insight and knowledge into the rhyme behind the reason. I’ve learned so much more than I ever have before. So thankful I purchased the kit.
  • easy to follow each steps
    Review by Catherineon 9/24/2017
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    The book is very easy to read and the Primal fuel is very delicious. I have it in the morning for breakfast is more then enough!
  • Excellent!
    Review by Phinnyon 8/31/2017
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    Love all of the products. I ordered because I trust Mark Sisson, his products and his company. Everything was of the highest quality. Will continue to purchase.
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    I am a Certified Holistic Nutritionist. I read labels, do my research and chose my purchases very careful. I look for quality, purity, organic products without unnecessary ingredients. I did a list comparison of supplements and protein powders. I have come to the conclusion that Primal is a Superior product with simple and clean ingredients. The protein powder is smooth, not gritty and not too sweet like so many other ones. I love this entire package recommend it as it is full of quality goodies.

    Heidi A.
  • Great System!
    Review by Kelly on 8/9/2017
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    From begining to End, this is a solid program!
  • Finally!!
    Review by Karenon 8/2/2017
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    Finally, after trying every product out there, I have found a protein shake that I can stand to drink AND it suits my food allergy restrictions! The cookbook has great, practical recipes and the resources are so useful!
  • Awesome Packet of Goodies !
    Review by Heidi on 7/15/2017
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    What a Motivational Pack of Goodies. Everything you will need to jump on a path towards a New Healthy Life is right her. I am a Certified Holistic Nutritionist and I have done some pretty extensive comparisons of supplements and protein powders, both Whey and Plant based. Primal Fuel is a beautiful, blend of clean sourced protein and fat. Many other brands have lots of unneeded ingredients. I like the Fat and Protein values as well as the Potassium to Sodium ratio. It is an easy life style to follow with flexibility. I Love this concept, and I have found this plan to be a way of living that is very sustainable and energizing. Thank you Primal Blueprint and Mark Sisson for these amazing products and wonderful information in a Very Good Value packet. !!!
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    This plan has been the best thing that has happened to me in my life. I have followed the "paleo" lifestyle in the past, but this plan is different from any other! I have eliminated all grains, legumes (including peanut products - this was the hardest thing to do!) and eat based on my hunger scale. Interestingly, I was finally diagnosed over a year ago with severe Crohn's disease after it got really bad. Old scar tissue from a car accident that happened 21 years ago became inflamed, along with ulcers that were popping up all over my body. Between migraines, halucinations, vision loss, numbness in my limbs etc. and trying to manage crohn's disease and be the best I could be for my husband and three kids, life was really hard and depression really set in. I had gone into see my doctor about my foot losing feeling, my doctor told me, lose weight, and your problems will go away. I was so frustrated. I thought back to when these migraines had started, the numbness in my foot, and it was all when I was in the best shape of my life. I was exercising 16+ hours a week, I hadn't eaten McD's in 5 years and junk food was seldom, but my body was clearly showing signs that something was wrong. As things worsened, I stopped exercising and started eating more junk food, I put so much weight on and was even more miserable. Last year I took up a Challenge group where you exercise daily, even if your exhausted, get that workout in, and eating - times a day! I did just that - 90 day challenge accepted and I was the biggest loser! But inside, I was showing more signs than EVER before that something was really wrong. I would wake up and before I could run to the bathroom I was soaked in blood and mucus. A friend of mine had shared a post by eat.simple by Erin Power and she teaches the Primal Blueprint. I started following her, and more and more it all made sense. I decided to take the plunge. Ever since my life has been AMAZING! I am back at work now, I balance exercise, and sleep when I am tired. Bedtime at 10pm and follow this diet! I am truly thank ful to have found this program and Erin Power is absolutely AMAZING Primal Blueprint Coach!!! Thank you, my life and my family are forever changed!
  • Its Only 21 Days
    Review by Desireeon 7/5/2017
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    I decided to try the 21 Day Transformation Program to see what Primal was all about. To my surprise, I became hooked! Love this program in that it is not just a diet/weight loss program but a lifestyle. It makes you aware of how mulitple componets are essential and work together. I would recommend to anyone to try it and see what a difference 21 days can make in your life.
  • Everything In One Place
    Review by Lindseyon 7/4/2017
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    Breakdown of the items included:

    Primal Fuel, Shaker Bottle, Recipe Book: In the past, I have hated every meal replacement shake I have ever tried - they taste like chalk mixed with dust. Primal Fuel (chocolate) has a wonderful flavor, that's made even better when mixed with a banana. It's the first I've had that doesn't taste like I licked a sidewalk. The blender bottle comes in handy for the Primal Fuel and for other smoothies I make, and the Primal Fuel Recipe Book is a wonderful platform to begin making concoctions. (Chocolate and frozen raspberries? YUM-O!)

    Primal Omega's, Primal Probiotics, Primal Sun: Yes, yes, yes! I didn't think I'd ever need supplements, but transition from a SAD diet to a Primal life has been made easier with these supplements. I can't describe it, but I *feel* better when taking them (along with eating and exercising Primally).

    21-Day Book and Audio Book: Listening during my long work commutes and reading in the evening, even playing the audio while following along with the book, made it easier for me to start and finish the book and actually retain the information better. After reading online about the Primal lifestyle and reading The Primal Blueprint, I thought I knew everything, but this book is a simple and easy to understand resource to go back to again and again.

    Quick & Easy Meals Cookbook: With internet resources, I didn't think I'd really use this book, but I was dead wrong. The color photos make it easier to put the meals together, and the recipes are so simple with minimal ingredients. They're all easy on the budget too.

    Shopping List and Poster: I haven't used the list as a shopping guide (I use the recipes for that), but the poster made it easier for my husband to get on board. It's also a great reminder of what I'm doing. Mine is stuck to the side of the fridge, not blatantly obvious to guests but still noticeable when needed.

    Video: I started watching it while laying on the sofa half bored. By the end I was on the floor trying out some of the exercises. It was also a great resource for my husband.

    App: This is where the support team for the 21-Days resides. I didn't think I'd get so involved in the app/community, but it was the biggest help. It's a great place to post questions, share ideas, look for help and guidance. The best resource of all, really!

    I live on a very strict financial budget, and for the cost, this package has everything needed to begin a new healthy chapter in life.
  • Fantastic!
    Review by charison 6/21/2017
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    so happy to have found a solution for my health -- looking forward to continuing this primal journey! Thank you, Mark Sisson! Everyone should do this 21 day challenge!
  • Finally, results!
    Review by Alissaon 6/9/2017
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    I LOVE this package! By reading this material, I have surged ahead with my health journey into major productivity! The The Primal way of life has given me some guidelines on how to live a healthy, focused and free life! I'm happier, healthier and living the way I've always wanted because of The Primal Blueprint 21 Day Transformation!! I've lost 4.2lbs in 4 days by following the Primal plan!! Woo hoo! Thank you, Mark Sisson and Team!
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    Already a big fan of the Dark Chocolate Almond Collagen Bars (now a weekly staple) I was looking forward to trying other products. I really love the Essential Package overall. The 21 day step by step guide is filled with useful nutritional information distilled in an accessible way without sacrificing the science foundation behind it. The 150g carb threshold concept was a key piece of information that I had been missing. Thanks! And the Primal Damage Control supplement is one of the best I've seen and now that looks like it will be a staple as well. My one disappointment is with the Primal Fuel. My system can not tolerate the stevia. I have tried it a couple of times with the same non-desirable result. Hence my 4 stars instead of a 5 star. Any chance of switching out stevia for monk fruit? Sadly that was an expensive taste test. Gratefully, the other products in the package have more than made up for that disappointment. Thanks so much for your attention to quality and a systems approach to wellness!
    Sincerely -=Terry=-
  • Good Value
    Review by Edwardon 6/7/2017
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    The package gets you started on the right path toward good health. It contains all of the essentials. I really like the primal fuel taste. The poster prints are great for a quick reference.
  • Complete package
    Review by Tyeon 6/6/2017
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    Great value for everything you receive.
  • Feeling awesome
    Review by Vivienneon 6/3/2017
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    Such a sensible approach to being healthy. Love it.
  • So far, so good...GREAT actually!
    Review by Ericaon 6/2/2017
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    I read the book which was very helpful. The only thing I feel this plan is missing is a little more detailed plan with an idea for portion control, but after all, that is where my weight gain came into play. That and working at home in a desk job. I open my book every evening or check online for testimonials and positive vibes to keep me going, that is the time of day I really want to snack and enjoy a glass of wine. I look forward to 2.5 weeks from now and trying the coconut chocolate fuel!
  • 21 days or bust
    Review by Steve LaForteon 5/30/2017
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    Great program to kick off weight loss and health maintenance and intro to Primal lifestyle. A few weeks in and its working, dropping weight and feeling healthy and energized, more review to come in another week or so :)
  • Generous Starter Kit
    Review by Anita Bonnoon 5/22/2017
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    Reading about and now practicing the Primal Principles, It all seems to make perfect sense, and my body agrees. This kit has a ton of resources to get you started. I feel so supported by the Primal Tribe. Invest in your awesome self! The essential package is way worth it.
  • Amazing Product!
    Review by Giulia on 5/15/2017
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    I absolute love this 21 Day Transformation Program and the product is amazing. I've been following the Primal Blueprint program for a few days and can already feel increased energy.
  • 21-Day Transformation Program ESSENTIAL PACKAGE
    Review by Antoinetteon 5/9/2017
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    I just started this part of my journey to healthy living and getting to know myself and Primal Blueprint..Ihave always enjoyed eating this way but now I have an outline how to do it best..Thanks
  • Wonderful Program!
    Review by Arielon 5/1/2017
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    After starting one week ago, I am noticing so much more energy and positivity in my life! I use the Primal Fuel as the main part of my lunch, as that's the meal I don't enjoy thinking about! I am loving the whole package and what it's offering so far- more energy, less hunger and and over all healthier feeling!
  • Great Products
    Review by Lon on 4/11/2017
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    I love the protein powder! The chocolate coconut is great!!..... I'm following the program but having a very hard time achieving ketosis. I'm not sure what I need to do differently. The products are great though!

  • High Quality
    Review by Robon 3/26/2017
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    I have been doing Paleo for about a year and wanted to see if I could improve and accelerate my losses. So far so good! I am impressed with the quality of all the items received.
  • Awesome
    Review by Jessica on 3/17/2017
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    Vanilla coconut is the bomb! Taste amazing and fills you up. highly recommend this program
  • Awesome
    Review by Tracyon 3/13/2017
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    I have yet to make anything out of the cookbook, but the book is beautifully done, with all of the colorful food pictures. The supplements seem to be very high quality and I will most likely be converting over to buying them. Haven't tried the protein yet, but I am expecting a superior product and taste!
  • Thumbs Up
    Review by Bonnieon 3/12/2017
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    Easy to make and tastes great! I drink it plain--no need to add any fruit.
  • Rate this product
    Today is my 5th day on the transformation program. I took my time to read the guide book and study the recipes before starting the program. It is not easy to give up certain food that were stables in the household with two growing teenagers. The primal fuel made it easy for breakfast and it tastes better than the biotrust brand I used to consume. I ike the texture and consistency when mixed with coconut milk. For lunch I eat a green salad with boiled eggs or canned sardines. For dinner, I pick a meal out of the recipe book and it is easy to make plus tastes great. So far so good and I hope to see improvement with my energy level before the end of the 21 days. The kit is a great value because it bundles everything you need for one low price. I have recommended the kit to couple friends whom I think can definitely benefit from doing the transformation program.
  • Awesome
    Review by Emilyon 2/27/2017
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    Great infromation, lots 5 pounds by eating from the recipy book and drinking shakes, in just one week. I already feel better and am loving it
  • Love it!
    Review by Susanon 2/11/2017
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    This pack has been a great change for me.
  • 5 stars!
    Review by Alberton 2/2/2017
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    I first listened to Mark on Joe Rogan's podcast. His book was a great supplement to his interview. The Vanilla Coconut shake is one of the best protein powders/meal replacements I've ever tried. Overall, fantastic products!
  • Nice start package
    Review by Benitaon 1/27/2017
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    I like the starter package. The order arrived quickly, and when the inventory was short, the team responded quickly to send the missing product. I would only change the size of the poster, as I am trying to determine where to hang it to remind me every day of the new lifestyle but it's too big for the fridge and cabinet s.
  • Good Start
    Review by Alexzandraon 1/24/2017
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    The most valuable piece of this set is the cook book. I've cooked almost exclusively out of for the 21-Day primal challenge. I am not a huge fan of the Vitamin D supplement but the probiotic and the Omega are solid. The primal fuel is also amazing as a meal replacement. I struggle to eat breakfast in the morning and the fuel has changed that. The chocolate coconut tastes so good you think its a dessert. All-in-all if you're looking to leap into a primal lifestyle, this package is the way to go!
  • Just what is says... Essential
    Review by Katieon 1/24/2017
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    I thought I was "going overboard" in buying this package. But once I received it and began using each product I realize what a value I got! Each product became more and more important as a key to reverse each obstacle that I had previously faced in going Primal. It's not blindly following a food plan but actively addressing vitamins and nutrients. This package made that easy.
  • Primal Fuel
    Review by timothyon 1/23/2017
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    My favorite recipe is the primal pancakes. I have been searching for a wheat or even a gluten free flower alternative forever. Search no more, the pancakes are great. I make them with the chocolate fuel and add berries. It's like breakfast and dessert in one!
  • Amazing packet
    Review by Sandraon 1/21/2017
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    This provides you everything you need to kick off the 21 day program. I've done the program 3 times now as a way to reset. I find Mark's rules the most realistic to follow. This is not a diet, it's is better way of eating. The primal protein powder is by far the best out there!
  • Great value
    Review by Charleson 1/12/2017
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    The Primal Fuel has been great and tasty. The recipes have been great too. It has really helped my wife and I make the transition. I am down 4 lbs already.
  • Honestly...changed my life!
    Review by Shaunaon 1/8/2017
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    I have been suffering from a lot of atypical symptoms, as well as being unable to lose weight, for several years. I've had muscle cramps and twitching, frequent migraines, deep fatigue, brain fog, and problems regulating my mood/emotions. On top of that, I was sick at least once a month and couldn't sleep more than 1-2 uninterrupted hours straight (sleep was usually 5-6 severely broken up hours if I spent 10 hours in bed at night). I've been going to the doctor off and on to try and correct my issues, but since they couldn't pin down a singular, specific cause, I was just told to "watch and wait." I started getting low blood levels of many nutrients, including iron, magnesium, vitamin D, and B vitamins. I asked for allergy and celiac testing, but was denied. I developed antibodies, but not at a consistently high enough level to warrant an autoimmune diagnosis. Eventually the docs happily suggested that to combat the fatigue and possibly help me lose my extra weight, I medicate with synthetic T4 despite my T3 being on the better end of normal and my T4 only being borderline high (but within normal range). All of that is to say...I've had a lot of unhealthy stuff going on, and little help from my doctors.

    It took me a while to get set up for everything in the 21 Day program, but I am now on day 14 and feeling flipping AWESOME! I have more energy than before, my workouts are better, I am sleeping much more solidly, and I've lost about 6 pounds in those two weeks. The Primal Fuel is delicious, and the recipes included in the kit are super helpful for avoiding the boredom that comes with drinking the same thing over and over. I really love the probiotic, and since I get little sun, the vitamin D is a huge value to me. The poster, which hangs in my workout room, gently reminds me to stick to the primal lifestyle (though the results really are the motivator!).

    I have already had a couple of people ask me for more information about what I am doing, so I know however much better I feel on the inside, it's showing on the outside as well :)
  • Rate this product
    I've had Primal Blueprint for about a week and I'm seeing some positive results. I'm a male and trying to take off some weight that I gained the last 3 months in 2016. In the first week I'm down 6 lbs. I am taking the full package with a vanilla shake each morning. Overall I hope I can continue the success.
  • So far so good
    Review by Nickon 1/5/2017
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    Started 21 day challenge January 1st......3 lbs down in 4 days.......food recipes are great
  • Rate this product
    Still haven't dove into this one but, those far I really like the package.
  • Smart!
    Review by Julia on 12/16/2016
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    Everything about PB is intelligent and makes perfect sense.
  • Happy with purchase
    Review by LARRYon 12/15/2016
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    Waiting till the new year to jump in head first but, I have slowly started implementing theory/concepts. So far very happy.
  • A good start to begin losing weight
    Review by Joshuaon 12/8/2016
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    I first heard of Mark Sisson and his Primal Blueprint program on the "Joe Rogan Experience" podcast, and decided to give it a try. My order arrived promptly, around 2 days after placing my initial order. While still too early to notice any drastic results, I have noticed that I am feeling better overall since starting the supplements that were in my 21-Day Transformation package. I will definitely continue to order from this site for the immediate future.
  • Amazing Product!
    Review by Jodyon 11/24/2016
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    I am in love with this product! Great starter pack to get my healthy routine going.
  • Loved the 21-day transformation
    Review by Peteron 11/22/2016
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    What a great tool to help you stay healthy, eat properly and excercise. Thanks!
  • Rate this product
    Can't say enough about the book and products!! It's nice to have confidence in products and a clear plan for transforming your body and thoughts on how it best works!!
  • Not just for newbies!
    Review by Vinceon 11/9/2016
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    My wife and I have been eating primal for quite some time. I actually have a featured success story on Marks Daily Apple. But my wife, who is a triathlete by the way, was still struggling a bit with her goals. We thought we'd give it a shot even though we "knew" it wouldn't have the impact it had on most of the reviewers and stories we read. The info in the 21-day program was invaluable. We both learned so much about macro-nutrient ratios. She saw progress within only a couple of weeks. We have never been so glad to be "wrong". This program works for basically ANYone! The value for the materials and the way it is set up is absolutely impeccable. Once again, Mark and Primal living has improved our lives. THANK YOU!!!!
  • Excited now it has arrived
    Review by Jonathanon 11/7/2016
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    Cannot wait to start. First impressions are that these are quality products. Loads of infomation on all the suppliments. Suprised the shaker was green & not primal blue, not that that matters. On opening the book parcell i like the plastic shopping list & marker. Book have a great feel to them & contect at first glance is good. Really good idieas in the Primal fuel recipe book as I really struggle with the taste of protein shakes so great idea.
    Only down side is delivery from the States so I really wanted next day delivery as I wanted to start my new live the very next day. And handleing/shipping bumped the price up by a 3rd.
    This aside really excited to get started.
  • Excellent
    Review by Tim on 10/31/2016
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    Great value, good way to get started on the program.

    Really like all products but protein powder is the best.
  • Best plan
    Review by Amyon 10/31/2016
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    Easy to follow and great results!
  • Makes shopping so easy
    Review by Granton 10/28/2016
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    I love everything in this primal kitchen! Having so many products that you know are made with the healthiest ingredients is amazing. You can't find this kind of quality in the stores. I'll be a repeat customer for sure!

    As for the 21 day challenge, it makes the transition so easy. I love the grocery check list, the Primal Fuel is delicious (my girl says it's the tastiest and best textured shake mix she's ever had), and the book is so informative. A must have for anyone making the transition to the healthiest way of life for humans. Congrats on taking this step!!
  • It just makes so much sense!
    Review by Joanneon 10/24/2016
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    I've been struggling with losing those stubborn last 5kg (10lbs) for over 10 years now. Endless hours of long cardio sessions on the treadmill, eating 'healthy' wholemeal and wholegrain pasta, rice, and bread - thinking I was doing the right thing, but the weight and tone did not change.

    After discovering Mark Sisson and his MarksDailyApple.com website through a recent Keto Summit, I was immediately attracted to his simple and ancient philosophy of primal living. His easy-to-read style and super helpful website has kept me busy consuming the various components of this lifestyle.

    My decision to purchase the 21-Day Transformation Program Essential Package was an informed and exciting one. The value for money for this package is amazing!

    From the delicious and filling Primal Protein, to the entertaining and informative video, along with the course book, recipe book, shopping list, the awesome charts and the interactive app - Mark over-delivers and excels in his generosity.

    The whole concept of primal living just makes so much sense to me. After only 10 days on the program, I have noticed a marked change for the better in my appetite, energy, attitude and mood - I feel so inspired and motivated on this program.

    Thank you Mark for sharing your passion to the world.

    God Bless You
    Review by Jimon 10/19/2016
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    My Wife and I both use the products, we love them! We have more energy and feel better! Thank you! James and Theresa Walker
  • Incredible!
    Review by Hajnion 10/17/2016
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    I am simply amazed at how wonderful I feel after only 21 days! My partner and I challenged ourselves to this together and both of us are reaping the rewards of a healthy lifestyle. Thank you!
  • Great products, really happy with the results
    Review by Larryon 10/14/2016
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    I've enjoyed all of the books and products here so far, especially Mark's. I am seeing amazing results with my carbs in the 50g zone. Truly effortless weight loss and I'm surprising myself with actually wanting to be active, running, lifting, etc. I'm a big fan of the Shakes in the AM, and just started the vitamin set. Oh and lastly, the cashew bars are crazy good.... but man $20 a case is tough. I must say they are worth it though! Love the way you guys keep the information and interest fresh, backing it up with tasty recipes and products. I'll be sending in my pictures soon, already 40lbs off and getting close to high school weight. Not to mention awesome lifestyle change.
  • Great products, really happy with the results
    Review by Larryon 10/14/2016
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    I've enjoyed all of the books and products here so far, especially Mark's. I am seeing amazing results with my carbs in the 50g zone. Truly effortless weight loss and I'm surprising myself with actually wanting to be active, running, lifting, etc. I'm a big fan of the Shakes in the AM, and just started the vitamin set. Oh and lastly, the cashew bars are crazy good.... but man $20 a case is tough. I must say they are worth it though! Love the way you guys keep the information and interest fresh, backing it up with tasty recipes and products. I'll be sending in my pictures soon, already 40lbs off and getting close to high school weight. Not to mention awesome lifestyle change.
  • Amazing package
    Review by Ronaldon 10/12/2016
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    Super deal
  • Good value
    Review by Debon 10/11/2016
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    My husband said, "That looks expensive." when my box of goodies for the 21 day Transformation arrived. The quality of the printed materials is excellent. I have tried a recipe or two from the cookbook and things have turned out well. I really like the primal fuel. It is great tasting and sates hunger well.
  • Excellent
    Review by Rachelleon 9/22/2016
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    A great package at all the essentials you need to start this life changing experience!
  • Outstanding product! Great value!
    Review by Hollyon 9/22/2016
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    I've been practicing the Primal lifestyle for almost 4 years. I invested in this package to refresh my commitment to continued health through Primal practices. I think it's a perfect package for anyone starting or already committed to a healthier lifestyle. I absolutely LOVE the Primal Fuel! I just started using the supplements and think they are add great value to this package. You will love the 21-Day Transformation book! We keep it on-hand, in our kitchen along with the cookbook for inspiration and guidance. ! Mark and his team put together a very beneficial and easy to follow program that will change for your life for the better. You will not be disappointed with this purchase
  • Great product!
    Review by Amyon 9/20/2016
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    Very easy to follow. Stopped craving carbs after a week and feel great eating primal. The chocolate whey mix is terrific!
    Review by Emilyon 8/30/2016
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    I have tried every diet out there and this is so much more. This is a sustainable lifestyle change that I will be able to continue long past 21-days. Thank you for opening my eyes to a way of living my healthiest life!
  • So much goodness in this kit! So worth the cost.
    Review by Angela on 8/22/2016
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    OMG I love this kit so much. The chocolate coconut primal fuel is the best protein type mix I have ever had. I drink it for breakfast and the "banana bread" drink recipe is my favorite! It's been a week since I started the 21 day transformation and I just feel so great. I thought it would be difficult to follow the 21 day transformation, but I honestly don't feel like it's been that difficult. I feel empowered all around versus deprived and restricted. I have been feeling so satisfied with my food. I feel super energetic and I just love everything in the kit. The assignments and journal entries for each day of the 21 day transformation really help you reflect and stay on track. I am so confident that I can continue on this primal living journey. If you're debating ordering this kit, Stop! There is soooo much value for the cost and it's really is awesome.
  • Worth it!
    Review by Jessicaon 8/22/2016
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    I recently completed my first 21-day Transformation. I loved every part of it and will be doing it again soon!
  • Changing behaviors
    Review by Angieon 8/11/2016
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    The 21 day challenge has increased awareness for the entire family. The quick meal cookbook really makes cooking fun, quick and simple. I wiil admit that day 1 and 2 was a challenge...basically had to get rid of a lot of pantry items. Turns out getting rid of the items recommended made it easy to stick to the plan. However, be prepared for a high grocery bill when you go shopping the first time to purchase replacement items. Now our entire family focuses
    on healthy eating g habits.
  • Rate this product
    I was very happy with the content of the package. There's a lot in packed in, and it's been worth it. My favorite thing has been the app (through vimify). I joined the challenge without realizing what i was doing, and it was the kick in the pants i needed to get going! Now almost 21 days later, i can feel and see a big difference. I consumed the audio book on a couple commutes and have been using the supplements faithfully. The chocolate coconut primal fuel is tasty. I've also checked out a lot of the other resources mentioned which have been a huge help during the transformation period.
  • great program!
    Review by brianon 8/5/2016
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    easy to change my lifestyle and lost 20 lbs. This is a life changer for sure!
  • Great Package!
    Review by Maryon 8/3/2016
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    i am really happy with everything in this package. The chocolate coconut primal fuel is delicious and the supplements seem very high quality!
  • Great value!
    Review by Maryon 8/1/2016
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    I love this package! The primal fuel -- I got chocolate coconut - is delicious. I love that it came with a recipe book and blender bottle.

    I am doing the 21 day challenge, using the access code that was part of the package, and find it motivating. I am also using the primal sun, probiotics, and fish oil and think the products are all high quality. A great package deal and I am making use of everything. Thank you!
  • Easy to Follow
    Review by Nick on 8/1/2016
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    I learned about Mark while listening to the Joe Rogan podcast and talking with my bother in law who knew a little about it and found it intriguing. I have never really followed a diet but have been in pretty good shape most of my life (Mostly lifting weights), but had notice a belly starting to form that I could not get rid of. I had just turned 36 years old and felt like I was starting to slow down a bit (blaming it all on age). So I did some research and ordered Mark's 21 day plan. I am typing this on day 22 and I can say that it has been a great and easy transition following Mark's Primal Blueprint rules to break away from the SAD diet. I started out at 220.8 and this morning I weighed 203.2 (17.6lbs). I plan on continuing my journey and loving every minute of it!
  • Pleased so far.
    Review by Markon 7/30/2016
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    So far so good. Lost 13 pounds and by changing my eating habits to those items suggested I don't get hungry. My biggest commitment was to not snack or eat for that matter, late at night. Looking forward to my initial goal of 30 lbs.
  • 21-day transformation
    Review by Markon 7/25/2016
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    Outstanding. All you need to understand and start a paleo journey.
  • Great Product
    Review by Ieisha on 7/19/2016
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    I love my 21-Day Transformation Program Essential Package! I received so much for only one hundred dollars. I love that it came with fish oils, probiotics and vitamin D supplements. These are all ones that I try to take daily, and I know how high quality the supplements I received are. I love the shake, it actually tastes good! I ordered the chocolate coconut package and aside from adding a banana every now and again I find that it tastes great all by itself. I love that I received a blender bottle as well, it makes meals on the go a snap because all I have to do is make sure I have water and then my shake is ready to go. I read the book and love it. I have also read the Primal Blueprint (which I enjoyed), but this was broken down into manageable/doable tasks. The Primal Blueprint was very sciency, while the 21-Day Transformation is great for the person who just wants to know the exact steps to transform their life. I love the poster I received, I have it hanging on one of my doors and read it when I brush my teeth, it's a great little refresher/motivator. I would definitely recommend this package to anyone, it's a great way to kick start your healthy lifestyle.
  • 5 stars
    Review by Jameson 7/19/2016
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    Great products and info.

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