21-Day Transformation Program FUEL PACKAGE
21-Day Transformation Program FUEL PACKAGE

Your Fuel Package comes with the same essentials as the Digital Package (both downloads and physical copies) and also boosts your health and fitness goals with our meal replacement shake, Primal Fuel, along with a Blender Bottle and Fuel Recipe Book. That's a $175 value, all yours for just $59.95! Get ready to reprogram your genes, reduce excess body fat and direct your health towards longevity!*

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21-Day Transformation Program Fuel Package


Customer Reviews

  • Fuel package
    Review by Paulon 11/16/2017
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    Really enjoyed the book , protein powder is very flavourful
  • Easy to follow
    Review by Laureenon 11/8/2017
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    Easy to use
  • Great Product!
    Review by Markon 10/10/2017
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    This has really helped me kick things off in the right direction. I feel way better and am making progress on my health goals
  • Great Value
    Review by Kyleon 10/3/2017
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    Very thorough. Enjoying the program very much. Would recommend to a friend!!
  • G
    Review by janiceon 9/26/2017
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    Ive been following this program for 3 weeks and feel amazing. What i learned is you don't need to "diet" or count points or macros to loose weight. Its what you eat in conjunction with exercise. Love love love
  • Great information
    Review by Kellieon 9/25/2017
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    I love the coconut vanilla primal protein. The books are so informative and a very quick read. The information that is shared with you in these books is realistic and thoughtful. This is a way of life not a diet. I love eating paleo. My weight hasn't changed but my body is happier and I feel great
  • Worthy investment!
    Review by Kimbraon 8/21/2017
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    The Primal lifestyle is simple, easy to incorporate and delicious healthy food! I love the 80/20 principle as it allows occasional indulgences without guilt! The shakes are delicious too!
    Thanks to the PB family
  • Best tasting thing ever!
    Review by Stephanie on 8/14/2017
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    Obsessed with protein powder! Has such great nutritional benefits and taste amazing! Definitely buying again :)
  • Great package!
    Review by Shaunaon 8/7/2017
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    The 21-day transformation program fuel package is great! I've really enjoyed listening to the 21-day audio book and the Quick and Easy Cookbook is fantastic for easy primal meals. If you're interested in trying primal, I'd highly recommend starting with this package.
  • Great Value for an Awesome Plan
    Review by Andyon 7/26/2017
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    The cost of this plan is just a little more than getting one container of Primal Fuel, so why wouldn't you do it. That's why I did and I'm glad I did. The cookbook alone is worth the money. I've already made several of the recipes and not only do they taste great, they're easy to prepare with only a few simple ingredients. If you're going to go paleo, this is the way to do it.
  • Feeling great!
    Review by Dwainon 7/26/2017
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    Love the cookbook and the ease of making the meals. The Chocolate Coconut Primal Fuel Shake is SUPER flavorful and tastes great. We blend it in a blender which makes it creamier than just using the shaker bottle. We have noticed our clothes are starting to fit nicer. Still learning the program, but like what we have been doing so far.
  • All the resources are awesome.
    Review by Ericon 7/12/2017
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    Everywhere you look there is something to help.
    I don't have a bad thing to say about it.
  • Happy with all
    Review by Anitaon 7/8/2017
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    Great value and excellent products. Enjoying tne ease of the primal fuel and recipes
  • I was astonished
    Review by Alice on 6/28/2017
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    I was astonished when I received my box in the mail. I had read The Primal Blueprint and used it as a motivation to enhance various areas of my life. When the book was done, I wanted more to keep the forward momentum going and decided to join a 21 day challenge. This package was an incredible deal. The books and the app and videos alone were worth the value. Then throw in the cookbook, great summary poster, and a giant! bottle of Primal Fuel with the shaker bottle and I am floored by what I received. I normally don't go for drink mixes but I found the Fuel and bottle to be very handy when I'm in a hurry to get out the door. I will even take it on vacation this week to make sure I have something to fill in between meals, all you do is add water and shake. Oscar packed my box and I thank him for the personal touch! Cheers!
  • Great program!
    Review by Annieon 6/25/2017
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    I am using the 21 day program as a reset! I already eat mostly Paleo and am doing Crossfit 3 days a week. Really like the primal fuel as a adjunct to my training.
  • Five stars
    Review by Wendyon 6/22/2017
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  • Great!
    Review by Angelaon 6/16/2017
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    I was worried I would not like the taste of the powder and have the throw it away. To my delight it is DELICIOUS!
    This is my first introduction the Primal living and the resources have been a great asset!
  • Great tips for getting healthier and happier
    Review by Kimberlyon 6/10/2017
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    Super happy that I decided to try the 21 Day Transformation Program. The book is a great read with tons of information. So many good tips to keep me mindful of movement and healthy food options that are obtainable. I like the app for reminding me of my tasks and the Primal Fuel is pretty tasty!
  • Awesome, everyone should try it!
    Review by Wandaon 5/24/2017
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    I discovered the 21 Day Fuel Package because I was sourcing out a new Collagen product and found Collagen Fuel. (Which I have ordered and love!)
    The plan was to also order the Primal Fuel, the Fuel Package was just too good a deal to ignore! I love that Primal Fuel is coconut based with Whey. It is the best meal shake I have tasted and feel that it truly fuels me.
    The material and philosophy at the heart of Primal Blueprint makes so much sense to me and I am truly enjoying applying it to my life. I used to carb up before I did any sort of exercise and always felt sleepy afterwards, now I trust that I do not need the carb load and have successfully made it through a gruelling hike, the gym and my regular day to day without needing the carbs. I have had a couple cravings for french toast, cinnamon buns, and oatmeal but I think that was more out of habit than actual body need.
    So, so far this has been great fun! The material is an easy and engaging read and the recipe book has wonderful easy and delicious recipes. I look forward to my next Primal Fuel shipment and the one after that, and the one after than and.....
  • Delicious shakes, lots of things to like
    Review by Nicholason 5/23/2017
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    Bought the Fuel Package a month ago, and have been implementing the items into my daily routine. Making a nice chocolate shake is a great way to get me to have breakfast!
  • Great value
    Review by Franceson 5/12/2017
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    I am so happy I purchased the 21 Day Transformation Fuel Package. I love having both options of being able to read the books online and having the hard copy of same. I listen to the 21 Day Transformation e-book while commuting to work. The information is easy to read and follow. I have already tried some of the recipes in the cook book, they have been really good. When I am short on time in the morning I will make a smoothie with the protein powder. I blend spinach with berries and a banana. Delicious and it keeps full all morning.
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    I discovered Primal Blueprint on a rabbit trail from liking into the ideal protein diet. As I read through blog posts on Marks Daily Apple, I realized Marks approach makes a lot of sense, is sustainable, affordable and empowering rather than limiting. I have long since know about insulin, glycemic index, etc.., but the way Mark explains the impact on our body flipped the switch for me and brought about a mental, emotional breakthrough that changed a belief system. I started eating primal
    before the package even arrived, and I am feeling so much clearer and have already started losing weight.
  • Awesome!
    Review by Cathyon 4/7/2017
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    I love everything in the package! The book is extremely well done and reader friendly. Loooveee the cookbook! The information in the 21-day challenge is easy to digest (excuse the pun) and the success stories/colorful pictures make for a really pleasant read. I am slightly obsessses with all this information and can't seem to get enough! I feel amazing
    and look forward to witnessing my own progress. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
  • Love Primal Fuel
    Review by Rachelon 4/6/2017
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    I'm really loving the Primal Fuel. I'm surprised because I usually hate protein shakes or anything like them. This tastes great and makes a really smooth drink, not gritty at all. I've used the app and that's great for support. So far I've only made a couple of recipes from the book but they were good too. I really like this system, it's helping me stay on track.
  • Great program
    Review by Jimon 3/17/2017
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    I've been on 21 day challenge for 14 days and have lost an average of 3 1/2 pounds per week, hope that's mostly fat.

    Got the hardcopy book it's very enlightening and had rearrange my kitchen cabinets to match my new lifestyle!

    I would recommend this program t
  • Fantastic product
    Review by Juliaon 3/17/2017
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    All in all, I'm pleased with every aspect of this package. The books are very informational and the shakes are yummy. A well rounded program that keeps you motivated.
  • Excellent Product, Directions and Lifestyle
    Review by Tonjaon 3/8/2017
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    This is exactly what I have been looking for. A real system with attainable and real results, easy-to-follow directions for both eating and exercising, and an incredible balance of rest, work and play - what I have been striving to find for so long. THANK YOU!!!!!
  • Great value
    Review by Jonathanon 3/6/2017
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    Love everything about this program and this bundle deal is incredible value! Very happy with everything.
  • Fantastic
    Review by Deniseon 2/9/2017
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    Great products. Lifestyle is easy to follow. I'm more satisfied and eating less frequently over the course of a day. I've doubled my intake of veggies and found some great PB approved meat, chicken, fish, eggs, and dairy at my local natural market. The cookbook offers many delicious recipes and sauces.
  • tastes great!
    Review by Debbieon 2/7/2017
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    Books are pretty. The Primal Fuel tastes great.
    I like having a physical cookbook in the kitchen with me.

    I had to order this because I had joined the program a year ago ( perhaps 2 years) and I couldn't access the digital books. This was a good solution as I was able to buy the Primal Fuel and get all the books that I wanted.
  • Double Thumbs Up!
    Review by Jim Nelmson 1/29/2017
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    PB was kicking off the New Year by offering a free sign up on Vimify for their first 21 day challenge of the year which was too good to pass up! In addition, Mark "sweetened the pot" by offering 3 different discounted packages related to the challenge as a way of helping "drill down" and reinforce the "nuts & bolts" of the PB way of living (as well as sample some of the product line). Well, needless to say it was bargain as the package would have been worth paying full price for - it is that good!
  • Recommend it!
    Review by Nanette on 1/28/2017
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    The book lays out a great approach to what foods you should it, how to handle your pantry and ways to be successful. The challenge it to implement the program. I have read and re-read the book, it is helping me to get control of food and my life.
    I recommend it.
  • Good Information at a good price
    Review by Andreon 1/26/2017
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    Personally, I can't go full primal, but I find that staying close makes me a whole lot healthier. This Blueprint information gives you great tips for paleo. Most importantly, it shows you what you need to cut out of your diet to maintain a health lifestyle. From the refined oils and sugars to the increased "good' fat intake....following this stuff works. The Primal Fuel powder is a good appetite suppressor. The flavor isn't great, but for not having sugar it is amazing!
  • Great way to kick start the new year!
    Review by Devinon 1/26/2017
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    Love the daily emails. Excellent value.
  • Impressive taste
    Review by Benitaon 1/22/2017
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    I love your products and the cookbook is wonderful. I haven't been able to apply myself 100% because of other health concerns, but today I'm back at my 21 day challenge.
  • Great read!
    Review by Richardon 1/13/2017
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    the 21-day book is incredible -- easy to read and understand the concepts. Choc coconut Fuel is delicious too!
  • 5 stars
    Review by Melodyon 1/4/2017
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    I'm so impressed with all the items I received. Excellent information that is easy to understand. Primal Fuel protein drink is so good!. I look forward to my "shake" everyday!
  • Rate this product
    Really great stuff - totally believe in the philosophy and materials
  • Great package and great value!
    Review by Tracyon 12/18/2016
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    I wasn't expecting to get such great things in the package! I really was looking for the primal fuel and blender cup but it cost less for this whole package. Part of it was an app to track and share progress. This was perhaps the best part. I was Leary of an app that cost $9.99 for 21 days but it really helped get you going. Sharing info with others is especially helpful. The recipes in the cook book are terrific!! Overall I love this lifestyle and even though it can be costly at times to eat primally, I think this is very easy for anyone to follow. Highly recommend!
  • Great
    Review by Richardon 12/18/2016
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    The package has been very helpful.
  • Great package!
    Review by Ronon 11/28/2016
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    Great package. Great information. And plenty of help to make this work. Love that it came with Primal Fuel!
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    Love the taste of the protein powder and I stayed full throughout the morning.
  • Yum!
    Review by Kimon 11/25/2016
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    My morning chocolate smoothies in the last month helped me lose a modest 4 pounds this month even with the holiday. I use an immersion blender and tote it to work each day. ( it looks just like the pictures in the recipe book) I’m ordering more and the vanilla too. This tastes great, unlike the high sugar, chemically tasting shakes of my past.
    Review by Dianaon 11/22/2016
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    This is the plan I've been searching for. I feel the best I have ever felt. Thank you!!
  • Delicious
    Review by Belen on 11/21/2016
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    I am doing the 21 Day Transformation and I must say I've had my challenges but the recipes are DELICIOUS!!! Breaking out of my old habits can be a challenge but what I've been doing is reading the books and they help put me at ease. The quick and easy meals is a great resource. I love the recipes and the ingredients are easy to find.
  • Great package
    Review by Annaon 11/16/2016
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    This transformation package includes everything you would need to get started. Materials are well written and have a lot of illustrations. Highly recommended
  • Worth every penny
    Review by Delilahon 10/23/2016
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    The protein was delicious and there are so many ways to use it so you never get bored. Along with the materials I was better able to understand the key concepts under the Primal Blueprint and the recipe books make it fun and easy to transition into being primal!
  • life changing
    Review by Krison 10/16/2016
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    I love the results of 21 Day Transformation Program - this program is life changing.
  • lost weight
    Review by Tracyon 10/10/2016
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    already loosing weight, and i havent even started reading the material.
  • Excellent blueprint for primal beginners
    Review by Christina on 10/9/2016
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    This is a great combo package more than worth the price. The protein has a great flavor and really satisfies. the food list is very handy and useful when heading to the grocery store. I am currently down with an ACL reconstruction but plan to implement this program as soon as possible.
  • Rate this product
    I loved the cookbooks, been using them alot but havent listened to the audio. The Primal Fuel is one of the best protein supplement I´ve had.
    One think though. I find the primal networking little confusing with all this different log ins and emails. daily apple, primal bluprint and health coach system. Maybe becuose im icelandic but I find my self little confused.
    Dont love the diary .. find it to specific and hard to follow excatly for my part and I´m a semi busy person. I´t affects my motivation. But thats me
  • Love the simplicity!
    Review by Stephenon 10/4/2016
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    Love the simplicity of everything! There's an easy path to put together a plan that works well for you to see the 21 day results. And even if I'm running short on time, I can always put together a quick primal fuel shake in the provided blender bottle! Can't wait to see my results!
  • Primal fuel
    Review by Paul on 10/3/2016
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    I have been using the Primal Fuel as a lunch substitute at work. Saves money and time. I was genuinely surprised at how filling that small amount turned out to be. It is working well for me and I have found my food cravings seriously diminished as I enter week two of the 21 day transformation program. So far so good.
  • Top Quality Product. And Tasty too!
    Review by Brandonon 10/3/2016
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    The information in the readings are all very useful and the chocolate shake is probably the best tasting health drink I've ever had. I especially love that little bit of coconut flavor that's in there
  • Good tasting Primal Fuel
    Review by Shayne on 10/2/2016
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    A lot of useful information, besides the primal fuel, was a lot for the money. Shipping was a little slow, and as an online shopper, I don't think free should equal slow, I can order Primal Fuel on Amazon with Prime and it's at my house in a couple of days. The program is working for me, but it takes some mental determination because you have to give up a lot, and it's not from being hungry, just from breaking bad habits.
  • Rate this product
    I've been quite pleased with the program. The Primal Fuel is quite good, and mixes well. It's the first time I've had a protein powder that I actually liked. It does not taste only of protein or chalky. I selected the Chocolate. The chocolate flavor is mild still acceptable as a start of the day meal, doesn't taste like desert!!
    I like the access to the 21 day challenge app. Very much appreciate the daily challenges, it has definitely helped to keep me on track!!!!
  • Awesome
    Review by Jameson 8/19/2016
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    Awesome package, and awesome program!
  • Great investment
    Review by Mariaon 8/12/2016
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    Love this program, the Primal Fuel is amazing I need to order more.
  • Excellent!!!!
    Review by Kevinon 8/10/2016
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    This program has changed my life!!!! I'm so grateful for this...I feel so much better. I'm losing weight, have energy, and reprogramming not only my body but my mind, where the problem really lies. Thank you so much!!!!
  • Good
    Review by Eileenon 8/2/2016
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    Very nice.
  • Very Interesting
    Review by Janeon 7/29/2016
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    It all is very interesting. Still look things up in the 21 total body book. The powder makes the best smooths. It all has helped alot.
  • Tastes like a milkshake
    Review by Greggon 7/27/2016
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    The Primal fuel is like a Milkshake to me. I used to dread drinking all other meal replacements, but actually look forward to this one.
  • Everything we needed
    Review by Phillipon 7/21/2016
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    This was one great deal. For just a bit more than the cost of the protein we got everything we needed for the 21 day transformation. The book, recipes, and app were all awesome. And the protein was delicious. I just wish there was a cheaper way to ship it to Canada!
  • Losing weight, feeling great
    Review by Patriciaon 7/21/2016
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    I begin the program July 5, 2016. I have followed every detail and logged it on line with Paleo track .I am still indulging in a glass of red wine with dinner as well as occasional 90% chocolate. Fortunately I live in Maine where it is easy to acquire organic beef, lamb, water buffalo and chicken that has been free ranged at our Friday Farmers Market as well as a wonderful full fat local yogurt also from free range grazing cows,. All I needed was the encouragement from the great package that came with the Primal fuel. I began at 178# (34.5 bmi) and today am 168#. The most difficult part of the kitchen clean-out was, Disposing of my century old sower dough starter, I do make a wicked multigrain bread. I have noticed the past few days an improvement in my skin. I will keep you posted on continuing results.
  • Great value
    Review by Richardon 7/19/2016
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    The package was very helpful in learning about the plan and how to eat better. The recipe book was particularly great.
  • I'm no Grok.. but I loved it!
    Review by Mayaon 7/19/2016
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    Purchasing this is a great place to start for anyone looking to change to a primal lifestyle and adopt primal habits. The 21-day transformation book is very comprehensive and informative, it dealt with a lot of misconceptions I had regarding diet and fitness and debunked many of the myths I had been following thinking doing X or eating Y would make me a healthier, fitter person. I have used a few recipes already, from the quick and easy meals, and they were all delicious and allowed for a lot of substitutions (something very important since I am very picky with food!). I have yet to put up the poster in my apartment, but a small scoop of Chocolate coconut Primal Fuel with water is my perfect substitute for dessert! I'm no Grok ... and I don't think Ill ever be dressing like a cave woman, but I'm definitely adopted her habits!
    Thank you Mark and the PB team!
    En route to a fitter happier me...
  • Great value
    Review by tammyon 7/18/2016
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    Very happy with purchase. Can't wait to start the 21 days and the shakes are delicious!

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