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    Cultivate wellness with Primal Blueprint

What is the Primal Blueprint?

Support for Optimal Health

A set of lifestyle laws and habits that we believe are the keys to wellness and longevity.

Thrive on the Daily

Take charge of your wellness! Cover your nutritional bases with supplements made with potent ingredients from trusted sources.

What is the Primal Blueprint?

Eat Like Your Life Depends On It

Get the flavor you want without the ingredients you don’t! Enjoy cleaned-up condiments, sauces, and more from Primal Kitchen.

Build Your Knowledge

Learn from world-class fitness, nutrition, and wellness experts at your own pace with our digital self-study courses.


Our no-dairy, keto-friendly collagen protein drink mixes deliver a delicious dose of hair, skin and nail support.

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The Story Behind The Primal Blueprint

Written by our founder, Mark Sisson, The Primal Blueprint is a bestselling book at the forefront of the modern ancestral health movement. Learn about the 20-year-long health quest that led to the discovery of a blueprint for optimal health and the roles that food, exercise, and sun play in enabling us to live well.

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Listen to the Primal Podcast

Hear what the experts have to say about relevant, relatable health & wellness topics, from farming and fitness to personalized healthcare, raising healthy children, and understanding the role that genes play in our food sensitivities.

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